Android TV vs Smart TV vs Google TV – Difference and Comparison

What is Android TV?

Android Operating Systems like Android mobiles, smartphones, and tablet work to powers Android TV. A lot of applications can be accessed by a play store than on a regular smart TV.

On Android TV, you can also enjoy other apps like games and productivity apps, and what is not available on smart TV.

Thus, android tv is much more advanced than smart tv in terms of updating applications, media streaming, resources, etc., because the developers constantly update all apps, and updates are sent to users for convenience.

The Android TV is connected to wifi constantly and automatically updates new updates sent by developers.

What is Smart TV?

A smart TV comes with built-in internet. You can connect your smart TV to the internet and enjoy streaming different content from various sources.

A smart TV also provides you access to different app stores, thus giving you more content options.

A proprietary operating system powers smart TVs and they come with already-installed different apps like Netflix, Hulu, or social media apps and news channels.

However, some but not all smart TVs have built-in control assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant that you can use by voice commands.

Besides this, a smart TV provides an overall TV environment you can use as regular television.

What is Google TV?

Google TV has entirely new updates and reformulates the user experience. It strongly emphasizes functionality levels, customized content, and individual suggestions above and beyond current television sets.

Intel, Sony, and Logitech worked together to create Google TV, a smart TV operating system that has since been discontinued. It appeared in October 2010 with official Sony and Logitech products first.

However, to create an interactive TV overall on top of existing online video sites and add a 10-foot user interface for a smart TV experience, Google TV incorporated the Android 3.0/3.2 operating system and Google web browser Chrome.

Difference Between Android TV, Smart TV and Google TV

A few differences exist between android, Smart, and Google TV.  The android TVs were initially launched in 2014, becoming the game changer in high-tech home entertainment. Instead of a simple layout, it allows an instant discovery of content and required data, apps and programs, video streamings, etc. 

While different operating systems, such as Samsung, have Tizen operating system.

The smart tv has a specific set of apps that receives occasional updates.

In contrast, both android and google tv are supported by the google play store, and users can access the latest and updated app versions.

However, Google TV stands out regarding updates and operating system software. It brings more convenience. It has an inbuilt Google assistant to power the TV and to use voice commands to operate it.

It also enables Google’s machine learning, google Knowledge graph. All these features make it more intuitive.

Comparison Table Between Android TV, Smart TV and Google TV

Parameters of ComparisonAndroid TVSmart TVGoogle TV
Operating SystemDifferent brands have different operating systems, like Tizen in Samsung TV.Android operates by Google.It is powered by the Android TV operating system.
AppsYou can download and update apps through the google play store as per your need.A Limited number of apps are already built into the smart TV.As Google can access the android number of apps.
UpdatesLatest updates are are sent by developers’ play store support, and you can access the latest app versions.Smart tv has already. Built apps that receive few updates.The latest updates are supported by the play store, and you can access the latest app versions.
PerformanceAndroid TV is slower. as it takes time for program uploading.Smart TV is faster as it has a fixed set of apps requiring less processing time.Google tv performance is outstanding, but it has limited internal storage.
PriceAndroid TVs are the costliest.Smart TVs are also costly.Google TVs are less costly than both.


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