Android TV, Google TV vs Roku TV – Difference and Comparison

What is Android TV?

Android TV is basically an Android operating system that Google designed for use on TVs, streaming sticks, digital media players, and soundbars. Android TV is built into many TVs from brands like Philips, Sony and Sharp. It features a huge range of apps through the Google Play Store, including Netflix, Disney, Spotify, YouTube and HBO Now. There are also a number of live channels accessible through Android TV, including Bloomberg TV, NFL and ABC, and a host of gaming apps.

Android TV cuts out all the clutter giving you a more direct, more streamlined experience. That’s just limited to what your television can handle.

This means that Google Play Store on Android TVs only displays apps supported by the TV platform and not all of those available on android phones.

What is Google TV?

Google TV is a user interface that runs on Android devices like smartphones, TVs and the latest Google Chromecast.

Google TV allows users to watch their favorite content including Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, HBO Max and a lot more. While that may sound very similar to other smart platforms on the market, Google TV enables users to have easier and faster access to their most viewed and recommended content.

It does this by mixing all the content from each different streaming service together and putting it into one easy to use interface so you can search across all streaming services in one simple click.

For example, instead of looking for Netflix content on the Netflix app, move to the home screen where Google TV will give quick and easy access to what you want to watch without you having to waste any time by going into each app.

What is Roku TV?

Roku is a small device that looks much like a larger USB which helps increase the functionality of any TV that supports HDMI.

This device is a small piece of hardware that comes with a preinstalled operating system that you can use on any smart TV to watch streams, channels, use apps you previously couldn’t use, and improve your TV’s overall functionality.

Also, Roku can help connect various other devices to your TV and it provide a better entertainment experience in general.

Difference Between Android TV, Google TV and Roku TV

Google TV is an improvement on Android TV due to its emphasis on content over apps, the addition of individual user profiles, and a renewed focus on live TV content.

Google TV’s live TV tab is a genuinely helpful feature as it displays previews of active broadcasts from services such as Philo TV, YouTube TV, and Sling TV all within one screen.

This feature makes choosing what to watch much easier and faster than opening individual apps one after the other. It also gives you one more reason to use your smart TV dashboard when looking for something to watch.

Comparison Between Android TV, Google TV and Roku TV

Parameter of comparisonAndroid TVGoogle TVRoku TV
Smart TV featuresSmart home controls for lights and cameras.  Smart home controls for lights and cameras.  Smart home controls for lights and cameras.  
Support for chromecastChromecast fully supported.  Chromecast fully supported.  Chromecast fully supported.  
App supportSmart TV app parity with Google TV.  Supports the same apps as Android TV.  From high-quality official apps to some sketchy third-party options, Roku has you covered.
DesignRecommendations based on apps, not personal taste. Not designed for content discovery.  Personalized home screen for each user. Strong focus on media over apps.  There’s a universal search feature that lets you find content on any service, including those you haven’t installed.