Amazon vs Shopify – Difference and Comparison

What is Amazon?

Amazon is a platform for online shopping. Using this platform, customers may place orders for products delivered straight to their front door. This marketplace features a wide variety of goods. Amazon was founded as a marketplace for books by Jeff Bezos, also the company’s creator. Over several years, he refined it for electronic devices, toys, jewelry, and accessories, among other things.

Amazon was started on the 5th of July, 1994, in Seattle, Washington. In Seattle, Washington, where Amazon’s corporate offices are located. It was a modest firm created by the founder at the time. Because of its numerous features, this platform has become well-known worldwide. Amazon sells products to clients and provides venues to watch movies and download music.

Amazon also provides a massive working environment for its employees. Amazon also offers various services, including, Amazon Alexa, Amazon Luna, and the Amazon Appstore. Andy Jassy is Amazon’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Several well-known firms, including Nike, Adidas, and Samsung, sell products on Amazon. It also serves as an effective marketing and sales platform for these businesses.

What is Shopify?

One of the world’s most widely utilized e-commerce platforms is Shopify. Retailers mainly use this online platform to conduct business, which has a payment system, delivery system, marketing system, and so forth. Compared to Amazon, this newly established organization has not yet gained widespread recognition.

Shopify, a cloud-based e-commerce platform, was established in 2006 and has grown rapidly. Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, serves as the platform’s administrative headquarters. This platform is founded by Tobias Lutke, Danial Weinand, & Scott Lake. An E-commerce platform that is trying to establish itself in the market. This website serves as a point of sale platform for retailers. This means that retailers purchase the commodities from this location and resell those goods to consumers after making a profit on the transaction.

Thanks to the abundance of facilities, the retailers have many options at this location. This is a website for making purchases from an online merchant, and this is a popular choice among many retailers all over the world. This is a sort of online wholesale market in the traditional sense. Jetcopper, Bolt created, little hearts, Frenzy, and other Shopify subsidiaries are now in operation. This is a publicly-traded corporation. Tobias Lutke, the company’s founder, worked as a computer programmer and created this all independently. This platform, similar to Shopify, was launched by SnowVilla. Shopify has more than 7000 workers who work in various departments.

Difference Between Amazon and Shopify

  1. On the other hand, Shopify was created in 2006, while Amazon was started on the 5th of July, 1994, and both companies are based in Seattle, Washington.
  2. Amazon’s corporate headquarters are located in Seattle, Washington, United States. In contrast, Shopify’s headquarters are based out of Canada’s capital city of Ottawa.
  3. Mr. Jeff Bezos founded the company and served as its chairman and chief executive officer. On the other hand, Tobias Lutke, Danial Weinand, and Scott Lake are the individuals who founded Shopify.
  4. Several Amazon subsidiaries, such as Amazon Air, Amazon Robotics, Amazon Web Services, and others, are based in the United States. Shopify’s current subsidiaries, on the other hand, include Jetcopper, Bolt made, tiny hearts, Frenzy, and more brands.
  5. Amazon has a total workforce of 13,350,000 employees at the moment. On the other hand, Shopify has over 7000 people at this writing.

Comparison Between Amazon and Shopify

Parameters of ComparisonAmazonShopify
Foundation date5th of July, 1994The year 2006 was a year of transition.
HeadquartersSeattle, Washington (United States of America)Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, is the capital of Canada.
Founded byAmazon CEO Jeff BezosTobias Lutke is a German actor and director. These two musicians, Danial Wein & Scott Lake, are among the best in the world.
SubsidiariesAmazon Air, Amazon Robotics, Amazon Web Services, and more services are available through Amazon.Jetcopper, Bolt made, little hearts, Frenzy, and many other names come to mind.
EmployeesCurrently, there are 13,35,000 people.a total of more than 7000