ATM Card vs Debit Card – Difference and Comparison

What is ATM Card?

An ATM card is also referred to as a payment card, ATM card is issued by the bank for the customer to access their bank accounts via (ATMs) automated teller machines to make necessary transactions.

ATM cards are sized plastic cards and have a magnetic stripe, achieved on the card and unique card number and some security information such as CVV number and expiration date. An ATM card comes with 3 years of the expiry date.

ATM cards are used for all general purposes of withdrawal, checking bank balance, and deposit through a secured procedure.

An ATM card is considered as safest because whenever you use ATM Card for any purpose, the bank sends you an immediate alert message to your registered mobile number, confirming that your ATM card is used by only you. This message helps you to check whether the transaction is made by you or by an unapproved user.

What is Debit Card?

The debit card, which is also known as a check card can be used for online as well as other transactions from a level of comfort. Debit cards are also used for checking bank balance statements and even for cash withdrawals.

Debit cards look just like an ATM card i.e., a plastic card with 16 digits unique card number and also have a transactional logo like Visa, MasterCard. Debit cards include the classic premium platinum card, depending on your bank, and the amount you maintain in your bank account.The reverse side of the card contains a stripe for your signature, customer care information, and other helpline numbers.

Debit cards are multifunctional and they can be used for online transactions as well as paying any purchases at Store or restaurant as a cashless transaction. To have a debit card, one must have a savings account or current account in the bank. Debit cards can be used within National boundaries as well as internationally. With debit cards, you can transfer funds from one account to another account hassle-free.

Debit cards also open up EMI options for any online purchase, and we can easily get a mini statement of the last 5 transactions. Which debit card you can also withdraw cash up to the daily cash withdrawal limit.

Difference Between ATM Card and Debit Card.

  1. ATM cards are only used for withdrawal whereas Debit cards are used in multi-purpose ways which include online transactions, getting instant mini bank statements, deposits, and withdrawals.
  2. ATM card does not support internet banking where Debit Cardholders can take advantage of internet banking services and also do mobile banking.
  3. ATM cards come with three years expiry date whereas Debit cards comes with 3 to 5 years of the expiry date.
  4. ATM cards are accepted only in ATMs and can be used in National boundaries yet debit cards are used in multi-purpose ways for carrying out different kinds of transactions and are used within National boundaries as well as internationally.
  5. ATM card does not have any transactional logo whereas debit card has a transactional logo like Visa, MasterCard.

Comparison Between ATM Card and Debit Card

ParametersATM Cards Debit Cards
FunctionATM card is a pin base card mainly single-use, only for cash withdrawals.A Debit card is also called a check card used for online as well as other transactions.
ValidityATM Cards have 3 years of validity.Debit cards have 3 to 5 years of validity.
AppearanceAn ATM card is a plastic card in appearance with a magnetic stripe on it and a chip that contains a unique card number and no transactional logo on it.Debit cards are also plastic cards with 16 digits unique card numbers, CVV numbers, and transactional logos like visa, master Card.
UsageATM cards are used at ATMs and within the National boundary.Debit cards are multifunctional cards and can be used nationally as well as internationally.
AdvantagesATM cards can be used to check bank balances, transfer funds, deposit cash, or withdrawal.Debit cards are used online as well as other transactions, check established bank balance statements, and even withdraw money.