ATL vs BLT Marketing Techniques – Difference and Comparison

What is ATL?

The Telecom sector is a huge part of Above The Line (ATL) marketing, vice – versa ATL plays an important role in promoting telecommunication. It is mainly concentrated on 3 things – increasing brand awareness, reaching a large group of people who are ideally future customers and hyping up the brand equity. Some advantages of ATL marketing are that it allows for a wide reach, better connection with audiences and effective brand building. ATL can be done on mediums like Radio, Television, Magazines, Newspapers etc. The Sine Qua Non for ATL is reach, frequency and brand upliftment

What is BTL?

BTL marketing is mainly done by outdoor marketing like banners, billboards, posters etc, or by sending E-mails, texts or calling the targeted audiences. It mainly focuses on conversions, generating new leads, getting new and more regular customers and increasing sales. The two main advantages of BTL marketing include specificity which makes advertisements memorable for targeted customers and it secures better return in investments. The Sine Qua Non for BTL is ROI, cost per lead and New customers acquisition.

Difference Between ATL and BTL

  1. BTL marketing is based on ratings that are received by the viewers whereas ATL marketing is based on increasing branding.
  2.  ATL marketing focusses on increasing the reach of the company to the market and eventually the consumers. BTL marketing focuses on Return on Investment (ROI) for the companies.
  3. ATL marketing concentrates on the frequency it has created of the company amongst the consumers, sellers and retailers for a company. BTL marketing concentrates on the cost per lead, which is an online advertising pricing model.
  4. ATL marketing focuses on brand upliftment. It wishes to create a name for the brand, company or service provider. BTL marketing focuses on pushing sales and getting new customers for products being sold or services being provided.
  5. A lot of ATL marketing is done online or through virtual platforms that have large scale attention dedicated towards them. BTL marketing is mostly done on ground or in various physical forms for promotion.


Comparison Between ATL and BTL

Parameters of ComparisonATLBTL
People targeted for the marketingATL marketing is targeted at mass audiencesBTL marketing technique is aimed at individuals
Aim of the type of marketingATL is done to establish a brand name in the market.BTL is done to secure sales from the consumers in the market
Rate of success of the type of marketingSuccess for ATL marketing is difficult to measureSuccess for BTL marketing is easier to measure as there are direct response rates received.
Who has more control over marketing?The external marketing agencies have more control over what to do, why and how.The business itself has more control over the product, audience and promotion techniques as well as the know-how
Finances needed for both the marketing typesATL marketing is costly because businesses need to hire external marketing agencies to do some jobs for them.BTL marketing is comparatively cheaper as the marketing team of any particular firm/business can do