Fire TV vs Chromecast vs Apple TV – Difference and Comparison

What is Fire TV?

Fire TV is a digital media player and console system that streams audio and video to a TV from the internet. It is developed and produced by Amazon.

Aside from the remote, Fire TV has Amazon Alexa as an integrated virtual assistant. The user can use voice commands to navigate and use Fire TV.

Fire TV was first introduced in 2014. Currently,  there are a few variants of Fire TV available in the market. Some are set-top boxes, and some are HDMI sticks.

Fire TV supports 1080p and 4k. The 4k variants are more expensive than the 1080p variants. The 4k variants have the keyword 4k at the end, like the Fire TV stick 4k.

The cheapest Fire TV console is Fire TV Stick Lite, which is priced at 29.99$. The most expensive model is Fire TV Cube, at 139.99$.

What is Chromecast?

Chromecast, also known as Google TV, is a digital audio and video streaming service from Google. Chromecast first debuted back in 2013. Since then a total of three generations of Chromecast have been developed.

Chromecast comes with Google Assistant as a virtual assistant. It has voice control that helps the user to use the console.

There are three variants of Chromecast available. The cheapest model, Chromecast with Google TV(HD), is priced 29.99$, and the most expensive model, Chromecast Ultra, is priced 69.99$.

The HD variant supports up to 1080p and the 4k variant supports up to 4k resolution.

What is Apple TV?

Apple TV is a digital audio and video streaming micro-console. It was developed and marketed by Apple Inc. The first generation of Apple TV was introduced in 2007.

Apple TV has Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant. Apple TV comes with all Apple services support.

There are currently two variants of Apple TV available in the market. Apple TV HD, which has a maximum video resolution output of 1080p, and Apple TV 4k, which can stream video at 4k resolution.

Apple has removed Apple TV HD from their store and is focusing on Apple TV 4k.

The Apple TV HD costs around 99.99$ and Apple TV 4k costs up to 149.99$.

Difference Between Fire TV and Chromecast and Apple TV

Fire TV, Chromecast, and Apple TV, all are digital media streaming systems with distinct differences.

Each product line comes with a virtual assistant of their parent company. Fire TV uses Amazon‘s Alexa, Chromecast uses Google’s Google Assistant, and Apple TV uses Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri.

Fire TV has the most models available on the market. Some of the Fire TVs are classic set-top boxes, and some are more modern HDMI sticks. All three models of Chromecast are HDMI dongles. Both of the Apple TV models are set-top boxes.

The cheapest Fire TV and Chromecast are 29.99$. Apple TV is more expensive, with a minimum price of 99.99$ unofficially.

The most expensive Fire TV is priced at 139.99$, Chromecast at 79.99$, and Apple TV at 149.99$.

Comparison Table Between Fire TV and Chromecast and Apple TV

Parameters of ComparisonFire TVChromecastApple TV
Included Voice AssistantAlexaGoogle AssistantSiri
Supported resolution1080p and 4k4k1080p and 4k
VariantsFire TV Box, Fire TV Stick(HD and Ultra), Fire TV Stick lite, Fire TV CubeChromecast with Google TV (HD and 4k), Chromecast UltraApple TV (HD and 4k)
Price RangeFrom 29.99$ to 139.99$From 29.99$ to 69.99$From 99.99$ unofficially to 149.99