iPad vs Samsung Tab vs Microsoft Surface – Difference and Comparison

What is an iPad?

The iPad is an iOS device, a portable tablet computer carried anywhere—the iPadOS-based tablet computer developed by Apple Inc. The idea of the iPad was earlier than the iPhone, but iPhone was developed before the iPad and released in the market.

Speculation about the development of an operating system and the release of the original iPad began in 2002 before its introduction in 20 2010. The iPad series comprises the original iPad lineup, including flagship products iPad mini, iPad Air, and iPad pro.

An iPad is a multitasking device that first launched on January 20, 2010. it has an operative wifi released in the United States on April 3, and the cellular 3G-capable version was released on April 30.

It has a CPU, RAM, GPU, and a home button to direct users to its main page. It is a touch system. You can download d and run different applications. A central concept of its development was convenience.

What is Samsung Tab?

Samsung Galaxy Tab is a line of android and windows based tablet computers produced and marketed by Samsung electronics. Samsung tab was launched in 2010 at IFA Berlin, and the first model was 7 inches Samsung galaxy tab. from 2010 till then, several models have been launched, including 7.7,8.9, and 10.1-inch displays.

They also contain wifi, GPS, and 3G/4G/5G with cellular network facilities. So many models of Samsung tabs with facilities have been launched since its launch. Samsung tabs are portable devices with a touch system display; all tabs have pre-installed google play store for downloading and installing different apps.

What is Microsoft Surface?

Microsoft Surface is a series of tablet computers developed by Microsoft and sold under their brand. Microsoft launched this device in 2012 with windows RT. The devices come in  10.6 inches display with a touch screen and are USB-supported with dual wifi antennae, a built-in kickstand to stand up, and an optional keyboard that doubles as the tablet’s cover.

The tablet runs window RT on a ram processor and is available with 32-64 gigabytes of storage. It is also equipped with a lean version of Microsoft office. Its pro version contains a windows 8 operating system that runs on an intel Ivy Bridge Processor.

The design of this device is incredible. Still, its performance is much criticized due to its lack of compatibility with other devices and software, and it also lacks different apps.

Difference Between an iPad, Samsung Tab, and Microsoft Surface:

  1. An iPad is a multimedia and web-surfing device that Apple inc. develops. It runs on its operating system. Apple iPads run on iOS 5. At the same time, the operating system of Samsung tabs the android system of google and runs windows 8. Contrary to this, Microsoft Surface is Windows RT which runs on RAM.
  2. The other difference between all these devices is expandable storage. Apple iPads have an internal memory of up to 512 GB, and external memory is not supported. At the same time, Samsung Galaxy tabs accept external memory as micro SD. Similarly, Micro SD is also supported in Microsoft Surface devices.

Comparison Between an iPad, Samsung Tab, and Microsoft Surface

Parameters of ComparisoniPadSamsung TabMicrosoft Surface
ManufacturerApple Inc.Samsung Electronics. Microsoft
The operating systemiPad works on Apple’s iOS.Samsung works on google’s Andriod operating system.It works on Windows RT operating system.
MemoryiPad is available in  16/32/64 GB.Samsung Tab is available in 16/32 GB.Microsoft Surface is available in 32/64 GB.
ThicknessIt is .37 inches in width.It is .38 inches in width.It is .36 inches in width.
Weight1.44 pounds.1.29 pounds.1.49 pounds.
Display9.7 inches.10.1 inches.10.6 inches.


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