Apple Watch vs Samsung Watch vs Fitbit – Difference and Comparison

What is an Apple Watch?

Apple Watch is a smartwatch introduced by Apple that performs multiple functions simultaneously. Apple Watch was introduced in April 2015 for its users, which is paired with an iPhone and activated by the installed Watch App. Its latest model is Apple Watch Series 8. The average price of an Apple Watch ranges from $259 to $279.

Coming in various sizes and colors, including various wrist sizes, it is popular among its users and buyers. Its most attractive feature is the ability to multi-task using this watch. It can download, change settings, keep track of your fitness, navigate location, send emergency signals and even write an email using a digital assistant, which can be completed afterward on iPhone.

What is a Samsung Watch?

Samsung Watch (also called Galaxy Watch) is a multi-functional product launched by Samsung in August 2018. It is compatible not only with Samsung galaxy but also with iOS (OS by Apple Inc.) using the Watch iOS app. Its peculiar attributes make it different from others. Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is its latest model.

The average estimated price of a Samsung Watch is about $200. This intelligent wristwatch is capable of making calls, playing music, managing health, and recording the exercise patterns of its users to inform them of their progress and fitness. It allows the users to customize the display in accordance o their taste.

What is Fitbit?

Fitbit is a fitness tracker introduced by an American-based consumer electronics and fitness company. The first ever product by Fitbit was a fitness tracker, available on the market for sale in 2009. It was launched to provide its users with a daily update on their exercise and fitness. Fitbit sense, Versa 3, and Inspire 2 are the latest launched products.

$150 is the average cost of a fitness tracker from this company. Unlike smartwatches, this only acts as a fitness tracker to record the number of steps taken and movements and gives health updates. Its latest model monitors stress and heart rhythms. This product does not allow users to make calls, use the internet or write emails.

Difference Between Apple Watch and Samsung Watch and Fitbit

  1. Apple Watch was launched in 2015; Samsung Watch was available for sale in 2018; Fitbit commenced its product sale in 2009.
  2. Apple Inc. is the manufacturer of the Apple Watch; Samsung electronics developed Samsung Watch; Fitbit Inc. launched Fitbit fitness trackers for sale.
  3. Apple Watch, on average, costs from $259 to $279; Samsung Galaxy watches charge about $200; Fitbit is available for just $150.
  4. Apple Watch is only compatible with iPhones; Android and iOS users can use the Samsung Galaxy Watch; the Fitbit app can be downloaded on any device to connect it to the Fitbit tracker.
  5. Apple Watch uses iPhone Operating System (iOS); Samsung Watches uses Android; Fitbit utilizes both Apple iOS and Android.

Comparison Table Between Apple Watch and Samsung Watch and Fitbit

Parameters of ComparisonApple WatchSamsung WatchFitbit
Launched In201520182009
Launched ByApple IncSamsung ElectronicsFitbit Inc
SupportabilityApple UsersApple & Android UsersAll Users
Operating SystemiOSAndroidiOS and Android