Laptop vs Desktop vs Tablet – Difference and Comparison

What is a Laptop?

A laptop is an in-one computer device. Its battery enables users to use it as long as it lasts. The laptop is easy to carry, and we can easily take it from one place to another. The laptop comes in different sizes with different specifications. Its demand is increasing day by day as office users prefer it. In 1976, the Xerox PARC division invented the Xerox note taker, considered the first computing device.

Originally, laptops were marketed as business machines enabling us to use spreadsheets, financial software packages, and presentations. The screen used in a laptop is known as LED and LCD. A laptop has a monitor, keyboard, and a touchpad. We can connect external peripherals using different cable connections.

What is a Desktop?

A desktop is a type of computer consisting monitor, CPU, keyboard, and mouse. A potent processor is installed in it. It is designed so that we use it at one location. Usually, external devices are required for the functioning of the desktop. We cannot take it from one place to another.

It runs on the main power supply. We mostly find it in schools, colleges, hospitals, offices, et cetera. The first computer, considered the desktop, was the Olivetti programma101. It was launched in 1965, and mid the 1970s, more discoveries popped up.

What is a Tablet?

 A tablet is a computer that operates using a mobile operating system. It has a rechargeable battery. In the tablet, the keyboard is fixed. It is very light in weight, and we can easily take it from one place to another. Tablet is a fragile device. We use the tablet by touching its screen. In 1989, the first tablet was invented, and in 1993, Apple Company started following. As easy to carry, tablets attract a lot of users.

Unlike phones, they have a large screen that makes their use extremely comfortable. Many companies introduced their versions of tablets with an average cost of 200$ to 500$. Tablets are multi-functioning devices that allow users to make calls, write emails, use various apps, play games, listen to music, and even work from anywhere.

Differences Between Laptop and Desktop and Tablet

  1. A laptop weighs about 3 to 12 pounds; a desktop weighs about 2 to 6 pounds; a tablet weighs about 0.49 to 2 pounds.
  2. A laptop’s size ranges from 10 to 20 inches; a desktop size from 19 to 34 inches; a tablet’s size ranges from 5 to 13 inches.
  3. A laptop’s price may be between $200 to more than $1000; the desktop’s price is from $500 to $800; the tablet’s price lies between $200 and $5oo.
  4. There is no sim card slot in a laptop; there is no sim card slot in a desktop; there are chances of sim slots in some tablets.
  5. Laptop devices are portable; desktops are fixed; tablets are highly portable compared to other gadgets.

Comparison Table Between Laptop and Desktop and Tablet

Parameters of ComparisonLaptopDesktopTablet
Weight3 to 12 Pounds2 to 6 Pounds0.49 to 2 Pounds
Size10 to 20 Inches19 to 34 Inches5 to 13 Inches
Sim Card Slot(s)Not SupportedNot SupportedMay be Supported
PortabilityPortableFixed Highly Portable