iPad Pro vs Surface Pro vs Laptop – Difference and Comparison

What is iPad Pro?

The iPad Pro is Apple’s latest device that features more extensive and improved accessories. The iPad Pro is the most influential iPad ever made and designed for productivity. It has a larger screen, so you can get more done on the go.

The iPad Pro also features an improved stylus, the Apple Pencil, which allows you to draw, write, and interact with the iPad Pro more naturally. The iPad Pro has improved speakers and four microphones, making it great for video conferencing and other audio applications.

The iPad Pro also has a longer battery life and supports split-screen multitasking, so you can use two apps simultaneously. There are also a variety of accessories available for the iPad Pro, including keyboards, cases, and more. The iPad Pro is the ultimate tablet for those needing a powerful device to handle productivity tasks.

What is Surface Pro?

The Microsoft Surface Pro is a revolutionary device that offers a laptop‘s power with a tablet’s portability. Featuring a thin and lightweight design, the Surface Pro is packed with powerful features and runs the full version of Windows 10.

 The Surface Pro also features an improved Type Cover, adding a full-size keyboard and touchpad. The Type Cover includes a fingerprint reader for added security and can be detached from the tablet for added convenience. The device also includes a Surface Pen, which makes it easier to work with documents and draw on the touchscreen. The Surface Pro has an impressive battery life of up to 13.5 hours, making it perfect for working on the go.

The Microsoft Surface Pro is an excellent device that offers the power and portability of a laptop with the convenience of a tablet.

What is Laptop?

A laptop is a portable computer designed to be used on the go. It has a smaller form factor than a desktop computer. It is designed to be used in places such as airplanes, cars, coffee shops, libraries, and other places where mobility is essential.

Laptops are powered by various technologies, including batteries, and are designed to be highly portable, allowing users to take them wherever they go. Many laptops feature built-in wireless access, allowing users to connect to the internet or other wireless networks.

Laptops also feature various ports and connections, allowing users to connect to peripherals such as external storage devices, printers, etc. Laptops are available in various sizes, ranging from small, ultra-portable netbooks to larger, more powerful laptops capable of running powerful software applications.

Difference Between iPad Pro, Surface Pro, and Laptop

  1. The iPad Pro has Wi-Fi and cellular available, while the Surface Pro only provides Wi-Fi.
  2. The iPad Pro has an optional Smart Keyboard Folio and Apple Pencil, while the Surface Pro has an optional Type Cover and Surface Pen.
  3. Surface Pro is much more portable than a laptop, making it easier to carry around.
  4. Surface Pro is more expensive than Laptops.
  5. Laptops have larger memory storage capacities, while iPad Pro has a limited storage capacity.
  6. Laptops are more powerful and can handle more demanding tasks, while the iPad Pro is limited to essential tasks.

Comparison Between iPad Pro, Surface Pro, and Laptop

Parameters of comparisoniPad ProSurface ProLaptop
Operating systemiOSWindowsWindows
KeyboardExternal keyboardIntegrated keyboardBuilt-in or detachable keyboard
PortsLightning portUSB portUSB port
Estimated Battery lifeApproximately 10 hoursApproximately 15.5 hoursVaries from laptop to laptop
Touchscreen Has touchscreenNo touchscreen availableAvailable in a few models


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