Apple TV vs Netflix vs Amazon Prime – Difference and Comparison

What is Apple TV?

Apple TV is a premier streaming service launched for iOS users around the globe. It allows you to watch a lot of content — from movies to serials. All you need is to open the Apple TV app on your iOS device and sign into it. You will find episodes of every genre on it, with new shows coming every month. The exclusivity of Apple iOS users somehow confines its scope.

Popular for its exceptional video and audio quality, Apple TV is a choice of thousands. Moreover, its personalized suggestions help you in choosing the content to watch. New users who buy an iOS device are given free of cost access to Apple TV, and those who sign up for a free trial. The interface is relatively newer and unfamiliar for those who migrate from Android to iOS.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is a globally recognized and used online streaming service with customers in millions. It had established itself as the hub of online entertainment with immeasurable content on the global server as well as its regional servers. Its smooth and easy-to-use interface and meager monthly subscription make it the most suitable option for many cinema freaks.

Netflix’s web version and mobile app provide equal convenience. As for customer support, Netflix is swift in responding to its customers and resolving their issues. It not only streams movies and other video content but also releases its own makes. Netflix is the most famous service because of its expanded accessibility and meager pricing. You can buy any of its three packages for a month.

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime – the term used to imply Amazon Prime Video – is an online streaming service powered by Amazon. It’s a top-notch platform to watch your favorite TV shows and video content in high resolution and sound quality. Amazon Prime has a lot of content on its servers, and its personalized suggestions also help. But these perks do not come without a cost.

You need to buy an Amazon Prime subscription, but it is pretty affordable for an average user. When it comes to the provision of quality content, Amazon Prime is considered a top-notch service and is trusted by thousands of viewers.

Difference Between Apple TV and Netflix and Amazon Prime

  1. Apple TV started in 2007; Netflix was launched in 1997; Amazon Prime began its services in 2006.
  2. Apple TV is provided by Apple Inc; Netflix is the only full-fledged streaming service; Amazon Prime is powered by Amazon.
  3. Apple TV charges $6.99 per month; Netflix has three packages ranging from $9.99 to $19.99 monthly; Amazon Prime is available for just $5.99 per month. 
  4. Apple TV is exclusive for iOS users; Netflix is equally available for everyone; Amazon Prime also comes with Amazon’s premium subscription.
  5. Apple TV’s interface is relatively unfamiliar; Netflix’s interface is highly smooth and user-friendly; Amazon Prime’s interface is made somewhat smoother than before.

Comparison Table Between Apple TV and Netflix and Amazon Prime

Parameters of ComparisonApple TVNetflixAmazon Prime
Started In200719972006
Operated ByApple IncFull-Fledged Independent in OperationsAmazon
Costs$6.99$9.99 – $19.99$5.99
ScopeiOS UsersAll UsersAmazon Prime Users
InterfaceQuite New & UnfamliarHighly Smooth & User-friendlyEasy-to-use & Smoother