Alfresco vs Share – Difference and Comparison

What is Alfresco?

Alfresco is an enterprise content management system used in UNIX and Microsoft windows. They are of two types- Alfresco enterprise edition and alfresco community edition.

Alfresco enterprise edition is propriety and commercially licensed software however, the alfresco community edition is free.

Alfresco is a content management system that runs as open-source software. It is a system directed at helping an organization manage unstructured information and information load content. It provides location and diversity for content storage and placement. The system is concerned with organization documents, details, content, and record from the base. The system endeavors to have a management organization of various content, including web content, records, data, document, web content, image, and record. There are also an accessible archive and repository to store data of the company.

 Alfresco is gaining popularity because of its low cost with a lower initial investment and less investment. These two advantages are mainly due to the alfresco open-source nature. It also has a feature like a simple and clean interface and easy installation that makes it easy for people to navigate, learn and use the software.

What is a Share?

Share it is made as a part of the alfresco enterprise edition along with web content management, document management, record management, and content management. It is a browser-based platform for collaboration and content management. It has social features like tags, status, activity tools, and activity feeds. It also offers the team features and tools like a wiki section, blog, library, document, calendar, and search. Virtual team for community projects, personalized dashboard, and content creation.

It is an application that runs on a browsing dais. It simplifies sharing of information between virtual teams, which helps to improve and increase production. These cybernetic teams can be found or disappeared all over the globe, making Share an effective medium of collaboration and communication of people and their content. It includes other effects of using this application are the bulk email volume of team members and reduced bandwidth requirements.

Share echoes the effectiveness and simplicity of the alfresco system. It runs as an open-source program. It deals with the micro-level setting of the virtual team that yields the content. It can be easily used in-office orientation and social networking sites.

Difference Between Alfresco and Share

  1. The pricing of Alfresco depends on the number of users, and it’s very low in cost. On the other hand, Share is pricier than Alfresco.
  2. Alfresco organizes an array of data storage space tools for complete data analysis, whereas Share does content control for library search accessibility, extended file names, and maintenance protocol.
  3. Alfresco offers call support and email through their business hours, whereas Share provides customer support 24/7 via the web or phone.
  4. Alfresco does integration with third-party applications like SAP, Google docs, Outlook, and AutoCAD. On the other hand, Share work will all the Microsoft applications such as Skype, Office 365, OneDrive, Yammer, and Exchange.
  5. Alfresco takes about 1000 named users for collaboration, whereas Share takes about 10,000 participants for cooperation.

Comparison Between Alfresco and Share

Parameters of ComparisonAlfrescoShare
Alfresco is low-cost with the least amount of starting outlay, and its ownership is low in cost. Its pricing depends on the number of operators.Share is more pricey than Alfresco, and so is its ownership. Office 365 is required for using shares for less price.
Content ControlAlfresco organizes a redeveloped of data storage tools for entire personalize, data analysis, and preset filtering.Share does content control for library search accessibility, metadata, extended file names, and maintenance protocols. 
CollaborationAlfresco’s enterprise takes around 1000 names of users for collaboration. The users work on several projects with personalized contact control.A meeting through conference share takes around 10,000 participants for collaboration cause it can hold limitless numbers of users and their mailboxes.
IntegrationsAlfresco offers various fitted integrations with third-party applications like Outlook, SAP, Google docs, Office 365, AutoCAD, Google DriveSince it is a Microsoft product, it will work with all the Microsoft applications like Skype, Office 365, OneDrive, Exchange, and Yammer.
Customer SupportAlfresco offers call support and email throughout their business hours. The scale of the issue and availability gives vital support.Share offers customer support 24/7 through web support or phone call to its users. Since it is backed by a massive, it has the potential to do so.