Journal Article vs Research Paper – Difference and Comparison

What is Journal Article?

Journal articles are shorter than books and they are written on specific topics.

A journal is a collection of articles that is published regularly throughout the year. Journals showcase the latest research, and journal articles are written by experts for experts. They can be published in both print and online formats.

It is empirical and dissimilar in nature. For example, journal articles are analyzed by newspaper articles, reviews, proposals, or other scholarly and research-based submissions.

In other words, journal articles can be academic or non-academic. Almost all journal articles are divided into main sections, like  abstract, introduction, method, results, discussion, and references.

What is Research Paper?

Research takes time because it is about reopening what has already been discovered and proven. Research means “re-researching”, finding causes and effects of things already established.

Suppose you want to find out the amount of radioactivity. My first step is to think about why I want to study radioactivity, the nature of the concept, the time frame, the data collection mechanisms, and most importantly, to conduct an extensive literature review.

A research paper is a form of writing used in the scientific world by undergraduates who are tasked with investigating and researching a subject about which they have found conclusions.

Literature review involves reading various case studies, findings, articles and newspapers on the topic or issue under study and writing an entire section about it. The two types of research paper are below

Argumentative research paper

Take a controversial topic, write a preface, inform your audience about the topic, and explain your position called the paper.

Analytical research paper
Students are required to provide a critique of the topic. This usually takes the form of an essay or question known as a survey.

Difference Between Journal Article and Research Paper

Research papers are traditionally written by university students, whose work is contracted. A journal article is an article on a topic that has recently been researched or reviewed and written by an expert in the field. Both formats use the same methodology, but the research paper is produced under the evaluation of a teacher or trainer. Another small difference is the number of references used. 

Readers can expect to find extensive references in journal articles, but research articles are not guaranteed such extensive reference lists. Research papers will not be published in any publication unless they are about how to write a paper.

Comparison Between Journal Article And Research Paper

Parameter of ComparisonJournal ArticleResearch Paper
Over allJournal articles are most often written to increase knowledge in the context of a discipline, study area,a professional approach that helps with subject specific-understanding.This work is very gradual and in a very specific format. The research papers support each point with concrete, raw and supporting evidence, and also indicate the limitations of the studies conducted.
Time frameJournal articles , a paper can be an ideological research paper or a current trending topic containing personal experiences and insights.Research papers, on the other hand, are comprehensive studies of the readability of  concepts through evidence-based presentations such as graphs, charts and case studies.
ContentJournal articles are written based on generality, which allows them to maintain broader visibility.A research paper requires extensive raw research, a systematic study written with proper citations.
RatingJournal articles follow the rankings as everything moves towards digitization in the modern world.

On the other hand, a research paper is one of the components of a journal and may be limited to a presentation.