CA vs CPA – Difference and Comparison

Who is a CA?

C.A refers to chartered accountant. Chartered accountants are accountants who play a wide range of significant roles.

They examine financial records and offer information about them, with particular attention paid to financial reporting, taxation, corporate finance, company recovery, and insolvency. They are frequently in charge of examining financial records and dispensing financial counsel that the recipient may use to save costs or boost profitability.

In addition to working in a variety of organizations, chartered accountants can also work in the public, not-for-profit, and private sectors as well as in industry and public practice.

Chartered accountants manage budget, do financial audits and provide financial advice to clients. They also providing tax planning advice, keep records of accounts and give advice to consumers on how to enhance their finances.

Chartered accounts work with auditors and provide reports and suggestions after audits. These accounting experts provide their skills in four different areas. The majority of them are in taxation, applied finance, financial accounting and reporting, management accounting, etc.

Who is a CPA?

A CPA, or Certified Public Accountant, is a dependable financial counselor who assists people, companies, and other organizations in making financial plans and achieving their objectives.

CPAs may assist with any of these objectives, whether it be organizing a merger between different companies, launching a new business, or saving for a new house.

CPAs carry out a diverse range of functions. They serve as chief financial officers for Fortune 500 firms and as consultants for local enterprises. They are employed by both small and major public accounting companies. They are trusted decision-makers and consultants in the field of strategic business. They serve as advisors in a variety of fields, including accounting and fiscal policy.

Difference Between Certified Public Account and Chartered Accountant

  1. Certified Public Accountant is the full meaning of CPA. CA is an abbreviation for chartered accountant.
  2. The CPA is a globally recognized international degree. CA is highly valued in India and several Middle Eastern countries.
  3. To enroll in CPA, you must have a bachelor’s degree in accounting. CA can be pursued directly after high school.
  4. A CPA will be required to serve as a strategic business advisor. A chartered accountant is in charge of the company’s finances, audits, and tax returns, among other things.
  5. A chartered accountant earns more than a certified public accountant. Chartered accountants make a good living, but far less than certified public accountants.
  6. A CPA course takes eight months to a year to complete. A chartered accountant course lasts four to five years.
  7. The Certified Public Accountant exam is taken online. The Chartered Accounting examination is administered both online and in person.

Comparison Between Certified Public Account and Chartered Accountant

Parameter of ComparisonCertified Public AccountantChartered Accountant
RecognitionCPA is an international degree that is recognized across the globe.  CA is majorly valued in India and a few middle east countries.
ExaminationCertified Public Accountant examination is done online.  Chartered Accounting examination is done offline and in person.
CoverageCPA covers International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS  CA covers Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).
SalaryEarns more than a chartered accountant.  Earn decent wages but way less than certified public accountants.
CourseA CPA course takes an average of eight months to one year to complete.  Takes four to five years to complete course.
FunctionActs as a strategic business advisor.  Takes care of the company’s finances, audit, tax reports etc.
EnrollmentYou need a bachelor’s degree in accounting to enroll for CPA.  One can enroll for CA directly from high school.