Air Force vs Army – Difference and Comparison

What is Air Force?

The Air Force is one of three branches of the military that safeguard nations from all potential threats. More precisely, it is the division of a country’s armed forces that is in charge of aerial combat, as distinct to that of an army or navy. It is in charge of acquiring control of the air, carrying out strategic and tactical bombing missions, and assisting ground and naval forces. 

Air forces are made up of more than simply pilots and rely on a large number of additional personnel to function. All air forces require logistics, intelligence, special operations, security, maintenance service, cyber-related support, ammunition loaders, and a variety of other specializations. 

The major goal of the Air force is to use aircraft to undertake strategic military operations. They also offer air support for ground and naval forces, as well as assistance in personnel recovery in the field.

It also assists military troops by making it easier for them to move from one location to another through operations such as airlifts, aerial refueling, and aeromedical evacuation. Air forces may participate in non-combat operations such as air policing and air-sea rescue during times of peace. 

What is Army?

The Army is the military’s ground unit that deals with threats on the ground. It is, in the wider context, the land-based military branch. Army personnel is armed with weapons and other battle vehicles and equipment such as tanks, ammunition, anti-missile defence systems, and so on.

The Army is primarily responsible for difficult missions such as combat rescue operations, combat military prisoner transportation, transportation, artillery lifts, ground operations, and others.Army also has a wide spectrum of expertise in mountain warfare and jungle warfare. Peacekeeping operations and border security are also handled by the army.

They are also in charge to give logistical assistance to other agencies and civic authorities, allowing them to execute their objectives as well. It also assists the civil people in the event of a national crisis or natural calamity.

In fact, an army is required by the majority of governments. The army is also the least expensive in terms of cost and maintenance. And the army is the one with the most personnel involved than the air force and navy. Army battles mostly on land, with air help from the air force and naval support on specific occasions.

Difference Between Air Force and Army

  1. The Army is responsible for defending the ground, whereas the Air Force is responsible for defending the air.
  2. The Army is mainly trained for aerial combat, whereas the Air Force is primarily trained for ground combat.
  3. The military vehicles used in the air force include helicopters, drones, aircraft, planes and so on, whereas the vehicles used in the army comprise tanks, carriers, automobiles, fighting vehicles, and so on.
  4. The Air Force is responsible for air warfare, which involves swift continuous strikes with pinpoint precision, whereas the army protects the country’s borders and aids the civil government in preserving law and order.
  5. The air force’s goal is to protect the nation and its people through the air, whereas the army’s goal is to fight and win national battles by maintaining persistent ground dominance.

Comparison Between Air Force and Army

Parameters Of ComparisonAir ForceArmy
DefinitionIt is a branch of the armed forces involved with air combat or defence.It is a branch of organized military force that is trained to battle on land.
Combats in theAirGround
Trained forAerial warfareGround warfare
Responsibilities:The Air Force is in charge of aerial combat, which includes fast sustained strikes with pinpoint precision.The army guards the country’s borders and assists civil administration in maintaining law and order.
GoalThe Air Force’s main goal is to safeguard the nation and its people through the air.The Army works toward a shared goal of fighting and winning national conflicts by maintaining sustained ground domination.
Equipment usedFighter jets, explosives, helicopters, drones, transport planes,other aircraft and many others.Tanks, artillery, anti-missile defence systems, Vessels, Radar and many others.