Army vs Marines – Difference and Comparison

What is Army?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of an army is “a large organized body of armed personnel trained for war, especially on land.” As the definition specifies, an army specializes in land operations.

The army is the main muscle of the entire military. It is the largest force in the military by number. Army members are called soldiers. Their primary asset is riflemen.

In most countries, the army is subdivided as follows, Field Army, Corps, Division, and Brigade, Battalion. The army has various subdivisions like artillery, air strike force, etc to help them complete an operation.

The army is trained to stay in the combat field for an extended period of time. The army is more defense-oriented, protecting a country’s sovereignty and maintaining peace inside the country.

The army is led by the army chief. The army chief reports directly to the president of a country. Many national constructions are done by The Army.

The army has artillery, infantry, and even an aviation unit to help and support them in missions.

What is Marine?

The marine is one of a class of armed services personnel serving on shipboard or in close association with a naval force. Even though they are associated with the navy, they are actually an amphibian unit.

The marine is one of the smallest forces in number, but their effectiveness is extraordinary. The marines are battle-ready ready. The marine members are called the marines.

Marine troops operate from ships. They can also secure points on the land, as far as the naval logistics can provide support.

The marine is actually a hybrid between The Navy and The Army. This makes the marine a versatile force that can take on naval, land, and aerial missions.

The marine is more of a naval service than the military. The marine is considered an Elite armed force. Although the Marine is considered as the infantry of the Navy, they are capable of sea operations as well as the ground. They are aggressive in nature and are used to capture a point or clear an area.

Difference Between Army and Marine

There are some distinct differences between the army and the marines. Army and Marine both are a part of the military. But the army takes on land missions, while marines are amphibious, meaning the can participate in air, land, and naval missions.

Another key difference between The Army and The Marine is overall troop size. In the USA, in 2021, an estimated 1.4 million army soldiers were active on duty, while on the other hand, number of marines was 144,200 active duty members.

The army is mostly used for defense against foreign threats and protection inside the country. This is because the army is a defense-oriented force. The marine is a striking force. They are used to secure key points or aggressive operations.

The Army is a single service department. They have separate training and medical facilities. But marines share these assets with other forces.

Comparison Between Army and Marine

Parameter of ComparisonArmyMarine
DutiesResponsible for land-based operations.Specializes in naval operations, but can take part in land operations as well.
SizeThe largest troop in a military force.Generally one of the smallest forces in a military.
Arms advancementUses the most advanced armaments.Uses only reliable arms.
TrainingGoes through a rough training phase.Goes through relatively intense training, that focuses on effectiveness.
TraitDefensive and protective force.Aggressive assault force.