Aikido vs Pencak Silat – Difference and Comparison

What is Aikido?

It’s a modern self-defense technique, Now spread in many countries from Japan.  The motive of creating the method is that fighters will defend themselves from any harm and also do not harm another person, so it doesn’t affect someone’s physical health badly.

The Ai word indicates some words like harmony, and next ki, which indicates energy or power, and the last, do word is a way or any path. It gets created around 1883, and that is why it’s been in Japan for a long time, and now it gets developed with time, and any normal person can also use this for their safety.

A person has too strong physically and mentally for getting trained in it properly. It’s also famous for its some good techniques, like redirection of the attack of the opponent, and fighters do this very simply and very softly. Some traditional professional of aikido martial art also do some unbelievable non-touching types of technique, which can make people shocked.

The aikido gives choice to the people. Many people want to defend their elf from attack, but do not want to hurt another person because it can also be harmful to them, and in aikido people can fight with a person without hurting them and creating the worst condition.

What is Pencak Silat?

The Pencak Silat has many names, like Panchak Silat, and it belongs from Indonesia techniques of self-defense, and it was also created there. In starting people learn this technique for defense, and they learn this from animals, which is a really strange thing in it, and it’s a secret in starting.

In the 6th century, people start developing this technique in a good manner, and it starts developing in many places in unique styles. People can be called this true way of karate art because it includes all things, like full-body, energy, and it also includes weapons.

The Pencak silat association of Southeast Asia was founded on 18th May 1948, or it was adopted by the Indonesian Pencak Silat federation founded in1980. It is also included in some games because of its popularity and unique technique. People can get hurt from this while fighting if fighters are not well-trained or experts in Pencak Silat.

The Pencak Silat includes different types of techniques in it, and some common types of techniques are kicking and using arms or hands and grabbing an opponent, and it also includes the use of feet with weapons. One, martial art is also known as silat, but Pencak silat is unique from that. It needs good training and practice for better results.

Difference Between Aikido and Pencak Silat

  1. The Pencak Silat belongs to Indonesia country and on the other side aikido is belongs to Japan. Both are completely contrasting countries with different techniques.
  2. In aikido, a fighter can defeat the opponent by using their power simply, but Pencak Silat has more physical forms of fighting than aikido.
  3. Aikido is mainly based on defending techniques. Pencak silat includes defending and fighting techniques for attacking purposes.
  4. Aikido is not getting performed in any big area or any competition, but other one gets performed in many fighting events or some martial art events.
  5. Aikido uses safe techniques for defending, which don’t harm anyone. Pencak Silat uses some strong techniques, which can harm someone.

Comparison Between Aikido and Pencak Silat

Parameters of ComparisonAikidoPencak Silat
Founder placeNortheast AsiaSoutheast Asia
ComplicatedIt has fewer complex than silatIt’s a hard form of judo
sports areaIt does not perform in any big sports areaIt gets played in some sports areas
Safety majorIt comes in safe categoryIts not safe for all people
More usesIt uses power and body onlyIt uses many things for fighting