Blazer vs Suit – Difference and Comparison

What is a Blazer?

A blazer is a type of jacket different in color from the shirt and trousers we wear. Blazers are unlined and unpadded, and the lapel is not edge-stitched. It comes with contrasting (metal) buttons. There are many types of blazers, some of the following: cap blazer, lace blazer, formal tweed blazer, a corduroy blazer, etc. As for the color, it depends on your personal likeness and the nature of the occasion or event.

In 1952, the term blazer arose in an article that credited to the “blazing red” jackets worn by Cambridge’s Lady Margaret Boat Club. Blazers also play an essential role in highlighting status, as rowers started wearing their blazers on dry land and around the college. Many institutions in our society use specific colors of blazers to represent their institute. Most commonly, there are two types of blazers one is single breasts, and the second is double- breasts. There are two buttons in a single-breast and six in a double-breast blazer.

The blazer is very light and easy to carry. It has casual cuts. A blazer is a perfect option for formal events. Blazers are available in a wide range of colors, including classic colors like black, navy, and gray, as well as more vibrant colors like red, pink, and green. The most used color for blazers is navy blue. In many countries, school students wore blazers, e.g., Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Britain, and New Zealand.

What is a Suit? 

The suit is a set of matching clothes, consisting of a jacket and pants or a skirt, worn by men and women for formal occasions. As we see it today, the suit has been worn since the 19th century, when men’s fashion was characterized by tailored clothing and a more formal, uniform look. The modern suit is based on the traditional English suit worn by businessmen, politicians, and other upper-class members.

Over time, the suit has become a staple of formal attire for both men and women, and it has started symbolizing decency, professionalism, and sophistication. In many business settings, a suit is expected as part of the dress code, and it is worn to job interviews, meetings, and other important events. Suits are also worn for formal occasions, such as weddings, parties, and other social events. In addition to its practical uses, the suit has also become a fashionable item of clothing, and many designers create unique and stylish suits for both men and women.

Difference Between Blazer and Suit

  1. Blazers are a less formal piece of clothing, whereas a suit exhibits more formality and is used at formal events.
  2. Blazers can be used with mixed-match trousers, whereas, in a suit, the trouser fabric is the same as a jacket.
  3. Blazers are worn for business casual, informal meetings, and dinners, whereas suits are worn for weddings, business meetings, and award functions.
  4. Blazers are loose in their fitting, whereas suit fits a person’s body because it is neither too loose nor baggy.
  5. In a blazer, sleeves cuff buttons are optional, whereas, in a suit, sleeves include cuff for links.

Comparison Between Blazer and Suit

Parameters of ComparisonBlazerSuit
Origin  Cambridge University Boat Club19th Century
Fitting  LooseNeither Loose nor Baggy
Dress CodeLess FormalMore Formal
TrousersMixed Match PossibleSame Fabric as the Jacket
Occasions  Business, Casual, and Informal MeetingsWeddings, Business Meetings, and Ceremonies