AdWords vs PPC – Difference and Comparison

What is AdWords?

AdWords is a tool for online advertising provided by google. All the advertisement by different brands are displayed by this tool. Google ads are used to bring more and more people on their site. AdWords are the best way of online promotion. The parties involved are: the website or product to be promoted and the others are publishers.

Promotion is done with the help of keywords. The website or product that wants to be promoted, get the links and keywords published on their publisher page. The publisher can be any page where number of viewers or traffic is more. In AdWords there is an option to specify the exact place of promotion. Promotion can be done in various languages, various places and many more benefits are provided. AdWords saves a lot of money spent on promotion. AdWords is a simple and efficient method of advertising.

AdWords is promotion in short. Word limit is 35 words. The advertisement are shown everywhere maybe it be related to search result or not. AdWords has a feature that makes the whole process monetized. A certain amount is paid to the publisher for each click. More the number of clicks more is the revenue generated. In today’s world when the demand for social media and internet is at spike, AdWords are really beneficial.

What is PPC?

PPC stands for pay-per-click. It is a platform for online advertisement. PPC is a broader term. It is used in digital marketing and includes tools of advertisement like AdWords. PPC is platform in which advertiser promotes it’s product or website through a publisher. The advertisement can be in video or picture form.

The main concept of PPC is publisher getting paid for every time someone clicks on the advertisement link. PPC increases the number of people visiting a particular website. This is done by displaying ad on search-related page or even non related pages. It increases the interactions on the site.

Advantages of PPC are the advertiser needs to pay only for the number of times the link was clicked. There is no need to pay money uselessly. Also PPC have one more benefit. Only suitable market visits the page. It is easier to convert lead into customers. PPC makes the business goals easier. The promotion of business becomes simpler and the website can be reached to large number of people with minimum investment.

Difference Between AdWords and PPC

  1. Full form of AdWords is Google Ads and full form of PPC is pay-per-click.
  2. AdWords is a service offered by google. While PPC gives individual control the location of ads.
  3. AdWords is a tool that promotes websites using keywords. While PPC helps in advertisement of products that pays for per click to the publisher.
  4. In AdWords it is difficult to convert leads into clients because the promotion is done to large number of people and not a particular group. While in PPC with advanced technical knowledge fraud links are created.
  5. AdWords is beneficial for increasing interactions and visits on the website. While PPC is beneficial for increasing valuable visits.

Comparison Between AdWords and PPC

Parameters of comparisonAdWordsPPC
Full formGoogle adsPay-per-click
DefinitionIt is a service offered by google that helps advertising stuffs with keywordsIt is a platform that helps in business promotion that pays for per click to the publisher
AdvantagesPromotion is done by keywords i.e in short and increases interaction of pageUsers only pay for the number for click, no extra charges
DisadvantagesConversion of leads into clients is less because all types of mass promotion and not just particular groupMisuse of technical knowledge results in creation of fraud links
UsesUsed to expand business and increase interaction i.e more and more people visit the websiteUsed to communicate the target audience i.e all the visit contribute in increasing revenue