Verbal vs Non-Verbal Communication – Difference and Comparison

What is Verbal Communication?

Verbal communication is the mean of communication in which the person communicates through the mouth. It is the best way of communication; you can easily explain everything like if a classmate is working on a project with her class fellows the best ability to make them understand is called verbal communication.

 Some examples of verbal communication are given below:

  • Discussion between two persons
  • Talking to a person on call
  • Giving a lecture to the class etc.

Role of Verbal Communication in daily life:

Verbal communication plays a very important role in daily life because in our daily life we interact with a lot of people so the way we use to interact with people is through Verbal Communication.

Verbal communication abilities are very useful in daily life because we communicate with our boss and tell them about our work or tell them about the results or maybe they ask us a question to give feedback on it.

Verbal Expression

Verbal expression is defined to share emotions and feelings which is made more worthwhile with the vocabulary which contains emotions. If a person has good verbal communication skills then they can clearly express their feelings, emotions, and message.

What is Non-Verbal Communication?

Non-Verbal Communication is the mean of communication in which we express our emotions or feelings without speaking or just by gestures, facial expressions, or movements. It doesn’t require any sort of speech. There are certain types of non-verbal communication:

Eye Contact: By gesticulating with the help of eyes and conveying our message through them.

Facial expressions:  Human face is much demonstrative, one can divulge thousands of emotions without saying.

Body Movement: One can also describe feelings and communicate by body language or motioning.

SIGNIFICANCE:  Non-Verbal Communication is much more significant when it comes to expressing our feelings and emotions to dumb and deaf people who cannot listen and react. The sense of speech is useless to them but the act of non-verbal communication is a blessing for them. This helps to maintain a balance of education between the literate and illiterate people or classes of society.

Effective Therapy

Non-verbal communication is an effective therapy as it calms a person and soothes his soul. Sometimes when a person is exhausted from speaking and conversation, the art of expressing feelings by indicating or just by signaling helps in reducing and overcoming weariness.

Difference Between Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

Non-Verbal CommunicationVerbal Communication
In non-verbal communication, a person expresses his feelings through actions, gestures.In Verbal Communication, a person communicates by speaking through the mouth.
Non-verbal communication is not more convenient than verbal communication because in non-verbal communication people can’t convey their message properly.In Verbal Communication is more convenient than Non-Verbal because in verbal communication a person gives his message properly by speaking or having a debate with the person to whom he is talking.
A person gets actions more quickly because actions speak louder than words that are why non-verbal communication is more powerful.Verbal Communication is not more powerful than Non-Verbal communication.

Comparison Between Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

Non-Verbal CommunicationVerbal Communication
In non-verbal communication, there is no use of sound.In verbal communication, there is the use of sounds and words.
In non-verbal communication one cannot speak different languages to make others understandable.In verbal communication, there is the use of different languages to speak so one should know the languages.
It is not easy to understand because the person should focus on the actions that the person is trying to say. Non-verbal communication skill is not important.It is easy to understand. Verbal communication skill is very important.