Boss vs Leader – Difference and Comparison

Who is Boss?

The word boss was derived from the Dutch word “baas” meaning master. A Boss is a person who has the authority to take any type of decision on his own he doesn’t need anyone’s suggestions.

 He does what he feels like doing he has complete control over everything he wants everyone working under him to follow his commands and instruction. His employees are supposed to ask him everything before proceeding to any action.

His job is to make important decisions that work in favor of the organization and ensures that all task being performed are proper. No decision can be made without his approval his approval is really important.

 He is acknowledged for everything that’s happening. He entirely organizes every bit and ensures that his employees understand their duties and responsibilities and are serious about them.

 He monitors every single bit that takes place around him because he wants his organization to be successful and his employees to be perfect. The boss plays a major role in managing an organization and making it successful. His concerns are all about his organization he takes every measure to make sure everything works in favor of him and his organization.

Who is Leader?

Word leader was derived from an old English word” laedan” which means “to go before as a guide”. A leader is one who always tries to bring out the better in his employees he tries to boost their morals.

A leader tries to build up confidence in his employees. His job is to influence and guide his followers and other members of an organization in a way that they work for their and the organization’s benefit.

 A leader works not only for the improvement of the organization but also for the betterment of his employees. He encourages people to move towards a better vision and build confidence and skills in them.

He develops people for every type of situation that can happen at present or in the future. Leaders are responsible for setting direction and then helping themselves and others to do the right thing in able to move forward.

He is concerned about his employees their opinions matter a lot in front of him. He understands them, helps them, and supports them in every possible way. A leader is like a mentor for his team he grooms his team. He is always available for a healthy conversation with his employees. His attitude towards them is supportive and friendly.

Difference Between Boss and Leader

A boss gives orders to employees and behaves in authoritatively. A person who supports, encourage, and inspire a group of individual to bring out the better in them is known as a leader.

 A boss seeks control over each and everything he wants everything to be done according to him. A leader gets to know their employees and tries to help them in every possible way.

 A boss knows everything and he works on it and makes others work too. A leader has an open mind in his vision other opinion matters a lot. A boss speaks what he feels but a leader tries to connect with employees. He leads everyone with him

Comparison Between Boss and Leader

Parameter of ComparisonBossLeader
MeaningThe Boss is the one who controls and managesA leader leads others
way of thinkingFocuses on issues and betterment of the organizationFocuses on individuals and their betterment
Employee relationControls and gives the commandEmpowers and develops
FocusFor the betterment of the organizationOn the betterment of employees
PowerHe rules everyoneHe influences everyone