Quilt vs Blanket – Difference and Comparison

What is Quilt?

A quilt is a type of coverlet used in winter to keep themselves warm in bed. Quilts symbolize traditionalism and warmth. From the West to the East, quilts are equally famous in households and have a specific part in shaping people’s living styles in winter.

Historically, the making of a quilt was an artistic enterprise. They were designed by artists who used to pay attention to every detail of how a quilt should look. It prevailed as a form of art and craft in previous centuries. With the involvement of machinery, handcrafting of quilts is pushed into the past.

The process makes quilts of quilting. Traditionally, quilts are made of three layers. The upper layer is decorative and has a fabric that is embroidered or designed with unique textures. The top layer is a warm fabric. The second and third layers contain stuffed cotton or wool. All three layers are stitched together.

Quilts have grown expensive, but they are not outdated. People do not refer to them because of their high prices. Manufacturers believe that quilt-making requires an extensive amount of money and time because of its rigorous making process. Quilts have become a luxury to many now.

What is Blanket?

A blanket is another type of coverlet used in winter to resist cold. A blanket is made from one layer of clothing –wool, cotton, or warm fabric. The inner material of a blanket can be wool, polyester, acrylic, etc. The textures of blankets are relatively simple and machine-made.

People often find other coverlets heavy. These people use blankets because a blanket is light in weight and can be used in a season between winter and summer. Blankets are readily available and are less expensive.

Blankets can be traced as early as the 14th century when an English weaver stitched the first blanket with a woolen material. Blankets were also produced in different parts of China and India; in these cultures, people are familiar with them.

Nowadays, blankets are not made by hand. They are primarily manufactured in large-sized stitching factories. They are stitched and printed in an array of designs and styles. These styles are simpler and plainer.

Difference Between Quilt and Blanket

  1. Quilts are thicker; blankets are thinner
  2. Quilts are three-layered; blankets are one-layered
  3. Quilts are expensive; blankets are affordable
  4. Quilts take a long to be made; blankets can be made in less time
  5. Quilts are heavier; blankets are lightweight
  6. Quilts are useable in winter; blankets can be used flexibly
  7. Quilts can protect against extreme cold conditions
  8. Blankets cannot, however, resist severe cold

Comparison Table Between Quilt and Blanket

Parameters of ComparisonQuiltBlanket
CompositionQuilts are three-layered, made with wool and pure cottonThe blanket is a one-layered coverlet of wool and polyester
CostQuilts are expensive because of being three-facetedBlankets are less costly and most affordable for all
Manufacturing TimeThe making of quilts requires a longer time and more attentionBlankets are made in factories in a lesser period of time
WeightQuilts are heavier in weight because of their three layers Blankets are lightweight and can be easily carried
DurabilityQuilt offers more protection against cold and is durableA blanket cannot protect against extreme winters


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