ProtonVPN vs Express VPN – Difference and Comparison

What is ProtonVPN?

A VPN service operated by Swiss company Proton AG is named proton VPN. It operates on all devices including Mac, android, PC and smartphone, keeping your security maintained, no matter which location you are operating from.

Proton VPN can unlock a heap of websites for your convenience. You can have the facility of watch streaming of your favourite online media, without any hassle, a buffer-free and smooth experience.

Proton VPN has a unique mark code, its VPN accelerator exceeds the speed by 400%.

It has achieved a hallmark in providing free yet secure searching without being spied on by your internet service provider.

Its servers are present in Japan, the Netherlands and the US, and the number of servers is more than 1700. For a free VPN connection, you can have one account at a time, one account is sufficient for using all other Proton services(calendar, drive, mail). Its paid premium subscription allows you to have 5 accounts.

Proton VPN has the tested speed with excellent client privacy, however, its chrome OS installation is a bit confusing. Even though it has the best free subscription available, its premium membership has a complicated price structure.

It gives you an excellent torrenting speed but has a lagging if you play games connecting to its servers.

It is compatible with most routers, but you have to configure it manually.

What is ExpressVPN?

Express VPN is a VPN service provided by a British Virgin Islands company. This tool ensures the encryption and masking of its users over the internet. It was released in 2009 and can operate on Mac, Android, Linux, and Windows.

The available platform includes smartphones, personal computers, video games console boxes and routers.

It has a highly efficient billing system and great customer support.

It has the highest protection against DDoS( distributed denial of services attack), and all of its servers are DDoS protected. Its gaming platform provides a continuous gaming experience with no lagging and is compatible to play games on laptops or smartphones.

It has a dedicated router app that can automatically configure with the router, with no manual work. It only takes less than 8 minutes for its app to configure with the router.

It can even connect with Playstation and Nintendo, the gaming platform, that do not support any VPN apps, but Express VPN does it with a breeze.

Difference Between ProtonVPN and ExpressVPN

Though both VPNs have the major purpose of masking your identity over the internet, one outreaches the other in one factor while the other surpasses the other.

No doubt both provide the security you need, yet Proton VPN has great accessibility to over 30 streaming programs, while Express VPN lacks this.

Configuring Express VPN is a breeze while Proton VPN takes the manual route to get the complete configuration.

Express VPN is marvelous for gaming while the Proton VPN is average in the gaming sector.

The free range of Proton VPN is good enough but the paid Proton VPN has some awkward pricing policies, while the billing of Express VPN is easy.

Express VPN has a brilliant speed with over 3000 servers, while Proton provides good speed with 1700 servers.

Comparison Between ProtonVPN and ExpressVPN

Parameters of ComparisonProton VPNExpress VPN
GamingGood for basic gaming, can lag with advanced gaming structuresExcellent for advanced gaming, no lagging
BillingNotorious for  confusing paid pricing policiesEasy pricing policy and excellent billing service
Customer SupportGood customer supportUp to the mark customer support
ConfigurationManual configuration with many router modelsAutomatic configuration with the app, takes only 8minutes
VPN AppNo appDedicated Express VPN App