Milk Chocolate vs White Chocolate – Difference and Comparison

What is Milk Chocolate?

The idea of milk chocolate came to existent when a 12 years boy Sir Hans mixed drinking chocolate with milk and other ingredients. Out of curiosity the boy invented something which is now loved by millions. It was around 1672 when this incident happened. Later in 1820, Cadbury copied the recipe which resulted in high profits from drinking chocolate. It was Nestle who officially launched the new formulation of milk chocolate created by them.

The main ingredients of milk chocolates are cocoa, sugar and milk. Milk is added in powder form. This is because the using milk in liquid form can disrupt with the consistency of chocolate. The cocoa used is a dries mixture of cocoa and condensed milk.

Milk chocolate in todays market, produced by different manufacturers, have different recipes. In some recipes the cocoa and milk are equal. While in some cocoa is added more than milk. Earlier, milk chocolate was consumed as a beverage. The chocolate evolved with time and is now consumed as chocolate bars. Milk chocolate is known for its sweet taste as well as its high level of antioxidants. But consuming it in larger quantities can result in obesity.

What is White Chocolate?

White chocolate was officially launched by Nestle in 1936. As the name suggests white chocolate is white in colour. This idea originated at the time of world war. Milk powder was available in excess. To avoid wastage, this milk powder was used to make bars of white chocolate.

The main ingredients of white chocolate are cocoa butter, sugar and milk. Absence of cocoa powder is the reason for the white colour of chocolate. Cocoa butter has the tendency to remain solid even at room temperature. It has high melting point. This is reason that white chocolate is in solid form even at room temperature.

White chocolate is loved by people from around the world. This chocolate is consumed with fruits and as frosting. White chocolate is perfect for people who doesn’t like bitterness of cocoa. It enhances flavour of desserts and also do not overshadow taste of other ingredients.

Benefits of white chocolates are also remarkable. It helps with low blood pressure, improves circulation of blood, eases anxiety and many more. But the amount of consumption should be taken care of. Excess consumption can result in obesity.

Difference Between Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate

  1. Milk chocolate contains cocoa powder, sugar and milk. While white chocolate contains cocoa butter, sugar and milk.
  2. Milk chocolate was first officially launched in 1820. While white chocolate is the newest member of chocolate family launched in 1936.
  3. Milk chocolate is brown in colour because of cocoa powder. While white chocolate is white in colour because of absence of cocoa powder.
  4. Milk chocolate was first made by Daniel Peter. While white chocolate was made by a brand called Nestle.
  5. Brands famous for milk chocolate are Lindt, Cadbury and Toblerone. While brands famous for white chocolate are Nestle and Lindberg Classic.

Comparison Between Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate

Parameters of comparisonMilk chocolateWhite chocolate
CompositionCocoa powder, sugar and milkCocoa Butter, sugar and milk
Made in18201936
AppearanceIt is brown in colourIt is white in colour
Made byDaniel PeterNestle
BrandsLindt, Cadbury, Dove, etc.Nestle, Lindberg Classic, etc.