IAS vs IPS – Difference and Comparison

What is IAS?     

IAS stands for Indian Administrative Service. IAS is a very important and well-liked service that is used to defend the country. It is a very respectful job to serve the country.

 To become an IAS officer a person should have to pass the UPSC civil service exam. Every year this exam is conducted and millions of students give this test to become IAS officers but around 150 students pass the exam.

 Candidate should have to score well to become an IAS officer. A Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university is required to appear in the civil service exam. Most of the candidates fill IAS as the priority and IPS as the second.

Powers of IAS

IAS is a very powerful job in India. IAS is responsible to control and take care of the area which is given to IAS, but in case of irregularities, IAS will be answerable to the legislature.

 IAS makes policies and then works according to the finances but the first Minister has to approve the policies that IAS implements on them. The main duty of the IAS is to control the irregularities in the area and follow the laws and orders given to them.

 IAS keeps checking on the public funds and spends them according to the need. Tax court comes under IAS. IAS works according to the hierarchy such as undersecretary, secretary, etc.

Standards of IAS:

  1. Leadership
  2. Administration

What is IPS?

IPS stands for Indian Police Service. It is one of the most inspiring and difficult jobs. To become an IPS officer the candidate has to pass the UPSC test.

 Union Public Service Commission takes this test. The candidates who pass this test become the part of IPS and they will be called IPS Officers.

 This service was first directed by Europeans before independence. IPS officers charge a good salary, the range for their salary starts from 56,000 to 2,25,000 per month.

 IPS is a very superior job for the success and development of the society of INDIA. IPS officers have their rank badges which are called ASHOK. They attach their badges on their shoulders according to their ranks. Posts are represented according to their posts

Prime Duty of IPS Officers:

The prime duties of IPS are as follows:-

  1. Investigation of the crimes
  2. Follow the laws and orders
  3. Maintain the laws
  4. Law enforcement
  5. Listen to the public and agree to their orders
  6. Peace among the public

Comparison Between IAS and IPS

If we do a comparison between both services both are superior jobs but IAS is a little bit tough than IPS. Their responsibilities and authorities are different from one another. IPS officers wear service uniforms whereas IAS officers wear casual dresses at official events. The top post of IAS is Chief Secretary in the state of Government whereas the top post of IPS is Director-General of Police.

IAS officers have more responsibilities than IPS that’s why their salary is more than IPS officers. IAS officers give opinions on the policies made by the Government on the other hand IPS is responsible for the security purposes such as the security of Chief Ministers, Prime Ministers, etc.

Difference Between IAS and IPS

SALARY: The salary of an IAS starts from 56,000 which is not less but for the higher posts the salary is 2,50,000SALARY: The Salary of IPS officers is less than IAS officers. The salary range of an IPS officer starts from 56,000 and ends at 2, 50,000.
UNIFORM: IAS officers do not have a specific uniform they come in casual dress for official events.UNIFORM: IPS officers have a uniform, and their posts represent by the ASHOK symbol which is attached to their shoulders.
DUTIES: IAS officers have different duties they check the policies and make changes according to them. Check the irregularities in the area.DUTIES: IPS officers have different duties such as security of the PM and other chief ministers, THEY maintain the laws and regulations in case of a sudden meeting with armed forces.
TRAINING: IAS training is more difficult than IPSTRAINING: IPS training is easy than IAS