Between B.A vs B.S – Difference and Comparison

What is B.A?

B.A or Bachelor of Arts is a college or university degree offered in a variety of areas. Each program fulfills the necessary general education requirements in the liberal arts and humanities before allowing you to major in the chosen focus.

Though it’s named ‘arts’, in actuality, the degree can be obtained in a variety of fields other than what you might consider the arts. For example, a B.A can help you become ready for a profession in marketing, business or Education.

A bachelor’s degree in the arts normally requires four years of study. However, it’s longer if you choose to study part-time. Examples of B.A majors include:

  1. Anthropology
  2. Communication
  3. Economics
  4. Education
  5. English
  6. History
  7. Journalism
  8. Philosophy
  9. Political science
  10. Psychology
  11. Religious studies
  12. Theater Arts
  13. Literature

A bachelor’s degree in the arts can open doors for employment in all sectors, including business, science, law, and the arts. These employment opportunities will frequently depend on your major.

Having a degree demonstrates the desired level of education and development of transferable skills that many employers are looking for.

What is B.S?

B.S (also written as B.Sc) stands for Bachelor of Science. It is an undergraduate academic degree that is provided by universities and colleges all around the world. A B.Sc. program requires three to four years of study. A four-year Bachelor’s degree is known as an Honours Bachelor in the UK, whereas a three-year Bachelor’s degree is also known as a Basic or Minors Bachelor’s.

The mathematical, analytical, and problem-solving abilities of students are enhanced in the Bachelor of Science degree program. Their research skills are also tested and examined when they must write thesis in their last year.

Students majoring in the natural sciences, business & management, engineering sciences, mathematics, and analytics are the ones that receive the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree.

However, in universities like Cambridge, all undergraduate programs are awarded B.A degree.  

The Bachelor of Science degree is the first step first you need to take before starting your job in a technical profession, like engineering or computer science, is to get a B.Sc.

Examples of Bachelor of Science majors include:

  1. Food and Nutrition
  2. Engineering
  3. Industrial chemistry
  4. Animal Science
  5. Biology

Difference Between B.A and B.S

  1. Bachelor of Arts degrees are more qualitative and creative in approach. Bachelor of science degrees are more mathematical and analytical.
  2. With a BA, you have greater freedom to explore a wide variety of careers. BS has stricter specifications and stringent restrictions.
  3. A bachelor’s degree in the arts is meant to give students a thorough education while blending major courses with a general education that emphasizes the liberal arts. A B.S prepares you for work in the technical field and emphasizes on technical and scientific knowledge.
  4. B.A degrees are offered in humanities and arts programs such as English, Literature, Journalism etc. B.S degrees are offered in scientific and technology related programs such as Biology, Medicine, Computer science etc.
  5. B.A degrees take three to four years to complete. B.S degrees take three to five years to complete.

Comparison Table Between B.A. and B.S.

Parameter of ComparisonB.AB.S
Years of completion3-4 years3-5 years
ApproachMore creativeMathematical and analytical in approach
FlexibilityIs flexible and provides you the opportunity to do more elective coursesIs more stringent
EmphasisGeneral Education with emphasis on liberal arts and humanitiesEmphasizes on technical  and scientific knowledge
ProgramsAre offered in humanities and arts programs such as CommunicationAre offered in scientific and technological programs such as Medicine.