Area vs Perimeter – Difference and Comparison

What is Area?

An area is a two-dimensional region or space, defined by length and width. It is commonly used to measure the size of physical objects, such as a piece of land, a building, or a room.

Areas can be calculated differently, depending on the object’s shape. It is a measure of how much space a figure or object occupies. The area is used in various applications, including mathematics, engineering, and everyday situations.

The area is an important mathematical concept, as it is used in many different fields. In science, it is used to measure the surface area of objects. Engineering determines the amount of material needed for a particular purpose. The area is also used in everyday life. For example, when buying a house, individuals often use square footage to determine the size of the house.

The area is an important mathematical concept that has many practical applications. It can be used to measure the size of objects, calculate the cost of materials, and create a sense of depth in art. Understanding the concept of area is essential for anyone wishing to work in mathematics, science, engineering, or any other field that requires an understanding of the area.

What is Perimeter?

The Perimeter is a mathematical concept used to describe the boundary of a two-dimensional shape. It is used to calculate the length of the edge of a shape and is calculated by adding up the lengths of each side of the shape.

The Perimeter of a shape is a dimension of the area it encloses and can be used to calculate the shape’s area by multiplying the Perimeter by the width. The most basic shapes, such as a square or a rectangle, have an easily calculated perimeter.

The Perimeter of a square is equal to the length of all four sides added together, while the Perimeter of a rectangle is similar to the size of the two sides added together and multiplied by two. Other shapes, such as triangles or circles, have more complex formulas for calculating the Perimeter.

Perimeter is an essential concept in mathematics and is used in various applications, from geometry and engineering to architecture and construction. It can be used to measure the size of a room or a building and calculate the area of a piece of land, also the length of objects, such as furniture and automobiles.

Difference Between Area and Perimeter

  1. The area can be calculated by counting the number of square units inside a shape, while Perimeter is calculated by adding the length of each side.
  2. The area is affected by the size of a shape, while Perimeter is affected by both the size and the shape of an object.
  3. The area measures how much space something occupies, while Perimeter measures the distance around something.
  4. The area is used to calculate the size of a two-dimensional object, while Perimeter is used to calculate the length of a two-dimensional object.
  5. The area is computed by multiplying the length and width of a shape, while Perimeter is calculated by adding the measurements of each side of a body.

Comparison Between Area and Perimeter

Parameters of ComparisonAreaPerimeter
DefinitionThe measure of the surface area of a shape.It is the measure of the distance around the outside of a shape.
MeaningThe total size of all enclosed sides.It is the sum of the length of all sides.
CalculationsIt can be calculated for two-dimensional shapes.It can be estimated for both two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes.
Unit of MeasurementUnits squared.Length units.
Determined byIt is determined by multiplying the length and width of a shape.It is defined by adding the size of each side.


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