Amazon Smart Plug vs Gosund – Difference and Comparison

What is Amazon Smart Plug?

The Amazon Smart Plug is an automated gadget created by Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer. It works with Amazon’s Alexa because it was created by Amazon. Wi-Fi access is required for the Smart plug to work, and there is no need for a hub. It only supports 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks and does not function with 5 GHz networks. Its output is normally between 5 and 6 amps.

The gadget is simple to set up. Only the Alexa app is required. This software automatically finds and connects the new device. The software helps to establish timers and schedules for when you want to utilize the Smart plug. It contains a blue LED light on the front end that certifies the plug’s good operation.

Except for large heaters or air conditioners, Amazon Smart plugs are reported to work with practically all equipment. It supports up to 1800 W, making it suitable for a wide range of devices such as electric kettles, irons, lights, chargers, computers, small air conditioners, fans, and more. This inexpensive plug may be purchased at an even lower price during Amazon‘s amazing discounts and deals.

What is Gosund?

Gosund is a smart plug developed by the Gosund Corporation. It’s compatible with both Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant, making it more adaptable when it comes to linking with other instruments and modes of communication. The Smart plug also requires a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection to work and may not require an extra hub. It isn’t compatible with 5 GHz Wi-Fi.

The gadget takes a bit longer to set up than the Amazon Connector since you must first register in their app before it can recognize the Smart Plug. Set timers and schedules using the app for uninterrupted and worry-free work. Its app also allows you to group together devices that have the same Smart Assistants.

It has a slightly larger current output (10A), allowing it to power equipment like electric kettles, irons, television shows, tiny air conditioners, computers, laptops, fans, and more. Large heaters, generators, and similar items, on the other hand, must be avoided.

It is also in a price range that is comparable to other Smart Plugs on the market for similar capabilities and performance. Its slightly greater current output makes it compatible with more devices, and its compatibility with more Smart assistants makes it more accessible to a wider audience.

Difference Between Amazon Smart Plug and Gosund

  1. Because the Amazon Smart Plug is larger than the tiny Gosund Smart Plug, it shields nearby plug points and seems bulkier.
  2. The Amazon Smart Plug is seen to be safer than the Gosund Smart Plug when it comes to currency swings.
  3. The Amazon Smart Plug has a lower current rating (6A) than the Gosund Smart Plug (10A), making it acceptable for more appliances.
  4. The Amazon Smart Plug is easy to set up since the same Alexa app can be used to control all Amazon devices, but the Gosund Smart Plug requires a separate software that must be registered and modified.
  5. The Amazon Smart Plug costs more than the Gosund Smart Plug, which is one of the most affordable Smart Plugs on the market. However, Amazon Smart Plugs are more frequently on sale and discounted than Gosund Smart Plugs, making them similar.

Comparison Between Amazon Smart Plug and Gosund

Parameters of ComparisonAmazon Smart PlugGosund
Size and ShapeThe Amazon Smart Plug features a significantly larger rectangular body than the Gosund Smart Plug..The Gosund Smart Plug features a three-pin body and a smaller spherical body than the Amazon Smart Plug
WeightIt is heavier than the Gosund Smart Plug due to its size.It’s not as heavy as the Amazon Smart Plug.
LED IndicatorThis Smart Plug’s LED indication is located on the front face.This Smart plug’s LED indication is incorporated with the start button on the side.
PriceThey are more expensive than the Gosund Smart Plug.The Gosund Smart Plug is significantly less expensive than the Amazon Smart Plug.
Output ratingIt now has a 5-6A output rating.The current rating of the Gosund Smart Plug is 10A.
Smart Assistant CompatibilityIt just interacts using Alexa, the Amazon Smart Assistant.Both Amazon Smart Assistant Alexa and Google Assistant are supported.