Already vs All Ready – Difference and Comparison

What is Already?

Already is an adverb that can be used to mean before this time, before a specified period or sooner than expected.

When used to mean before this time or before now already can be applied as follows: The boys have already cleaned their room. This means that the action of cleaning was done before the present time by the boys so the room is already clean.

When used to imply before a specified period already can be used as follows: The manager had already left by the time the meeting was ending. This means that the manager was not present to witness the end of the meeting. In this case the specified period was the end of the meeting hence if the manager did not see that period then he had already left.

Finally when used to imply sooner than expected already can be applied in a sentence or conversation as follows: Ooh my goodness! The music has ended already? This means that the music ended sooner than the individual had expected hence the urge to still listen or the disappointment.

In all this cases just like any other adverb already is used as a describing word to give more information about the subject.

What is All Ready ?

All Ready is a two word phrase. Generally one word is used to emphasize the other. All Ready can simply be used to imply that an individual, a subject or everyone is completely prepared. All can be loosely translated to mean ‘every one of them’ or in completeness or totality while ready can be translated to done, finished, prepared or just done.

Therefore, all ready can be used to mean completely done, completely finished or completely prepared. Ready can be used in a sentence as follows: The boys are ready for the game. This means that the boys can go into the game because they are prepared. All ready can be used in the same sentence as follows: The boys are all ready for the game. This implies that the boys are completely prepared for the game in totality.

A few other examples with their meanings include:

I am all ready to face the jury. Which means that the individual is completely prepared to face the jury.

The boys were all ready to step up for each other. It means that the boys were completely prepared to help each other.

Difference Between Already and All Ready

  1. Already and all ready are different in terms of classification and meaning. While already is an adverb all ready on the other hand is not one word but two with different classifications.
  2. While already is used to mean before time, before now or soon all ready on the other hand is used to place emphasis on a phrase or an action.
  3. Finally already is inclined towards occurrences that have already passed while all ready is based on events that are bound to occur.
  4. All ready is used mostly in informal conversations or writing but already can be used both formally and informally.

Comparison Table Between Already and All Ready

Parameters of ComparisonAlreadyAll Ready
ClassificationThis is an adverb or describing wordThis is a phrase with two words
DefinitionBefore time or sooner than expectedUsed to mean Completely prepared
APPLICATIONApplied mostly for occurrences that have already occurred.Applied for occurrences that are bound to happen.
UseBoth formally and informallyMostly used informally
ConverselyRequires further explanationDoes not require any more explanation.