Affect vs Effect – Difference and Comparison

What is Affect?

Affect is a verb in English. It is a doing word that means to produce an effect on something. That is, it means to influence or bring about a change. 

Affect is sometimes used as a noun too. When it is used this way, it means the range of feelings that you show on your face when you are happy, sad, or angry. It shows the emotional state or the external expression of one’s feelings as they react to different situations around them.

In this article, we shall major on ‘affect’ in its usage as a verb. Let us look at instances of how you can use the word ‘affect’ in sentences.

Paying attention to distractions during study time will affect your performance in the coming exams.

Lack of rain affects developing countries very negatively, resulting in food shortages and sometimes even the death of animals and human beings.

The continued destruction of trees and the environment, in general, continues to affect the ozone layer causing very negative effects on the global climate.

The word affect is derived from the Latin word “affectus,” which means to have an effect on or to act upon. 

What is Effect?

The word effect is a noun that means something that is caused by something else. Effect can be used as a verb, meaning to cause something to happen. It can also be used as a descriptive word or as an adverb, meaning “having an influence on.” or “in the way that something works.” 

It also describes the result of doing or not doing something. Our interest here is to use the word as a noun because that is its main function. Here are some sentences to help you fully understand how to use it.

The illness he had a few months ago has had an effect on her performance at work, and this is causing her supervisor great concern.

The lateness of the plane has a bad effect on my schedule.

In some countries, the effects of Covid 19 pandemic are still being felt through job losses, and hardships in families that lost their sole breadwinners. This has affected children’s education, for example, and also forced some people to make big adjustments in their lives.

To avoid the perpetual effects of drought, countries should adopt proper measures for food storage, or use irrigation in very dry areas.

Difference Between Affect and Effect

The word “affect” is used as a verb, meaning to have an impact on something. For example, “The new law will affect the speed limit, so we need to familiarize ourselves.” ‘’How you train that dog will affect how he treats your visitors, whether it will be mean or friendly.’’

The word “effect” is used as a noun, meaning the result of an action. Examples of how to use the word “The new law will have a great effect on the speed limit.” And, “Local laws have an effect on how businesses pay taxes.”

Comparison Between Affect and Effect

Parameter of ComparisonAffectEffect
Part of speechIt is mainly used as a verb.It is mainly used as a noun.
FunctionIt is used in a sentence to cause certain action or change.It is a result of something that was caused by something else.
SpellingIt starts with ‘A’.It starts with ‘E’.
PronunciationThe beginning part sounds different from that of effect.The beginning part sounds different from that of affect.