Aided vs Unaided Colleges – Difference and Comparison

What is an Aided College?

Talking about aided colleges, they are supported by the government, both state and central, for instance, financial help in developing the infrastructure and other basic establishments for the students. The government permits them on a monthly or yearly basis.

The fee structure for colleges is stipulated by the government only. Government-aided college fees are reasonable; therefore, most students enroll in aided colleges. The teachers or professionals, and other working people in aided colleges get paid by the government. Meanwhile, aided colleges have protection and job security. 

The government also sets even the standard qualification imposed for each professor. The admission benchmarks are set on a merit basis. Officials don’t have the whole authority since the government is undertaking everything. They provide support to students in terms of placements because of two reasons such as if you want to introduce any policy, you need to have acceptance for that from the government. 

They do not have any financial impetus; they only warrant their functional costs. There’s a scholarship opportunity for the aided college students too by the government, for instance, Merit Means for professional and technical courses cs (minorities).

What is an Unaided College?

The colleges are not aided and assisted by the government. They have linked with private corporations for external benefit. The fee structure of the unaided colleges is not reasonable like aided ones, and they have heavy fees, for instance, more than 65000 approximately. 

In an unaided college, the stipend of the teachers and other working professionals is paid by the management. Management itself takes care of the recruitment process. They are free from all the government restrictions since they don’t need to be accountable to anyone. 

Unaided colleges can change themselves into aided if they want and permanent unaided are also part of unaided, but the only thing is they are permanently unaided. The admission process is mainly based on merit + entrance as well. They provide the best platform with the greatest opportunities for the students to showcase their talents and skills and have an integrative development for further professionals. 

In unaided colleges, they provide various resources, including innovative teaching, guest lectures, industrial visits, and help students during placements to induct. Many unaided colleges also help students acquire a scholarship that serves as financial help to those deserving; not only students but colleges also assist from the scholarship.

Difference Between Aided and Unaided Colleges

  1. The main difference between Aided and unaided colleges is that Aided colleges do not introduce any policy without government approval. In contrast, unaided colleges have no government control, so they can freely introduce any policy.
  2. The government sets aided colleges’ recruitment procedures since they are under the control of the government authority, whereas in unaided colleges, recruitment standards are set by the management itself.
  3. Aided colleges are regulated by the government other than running freely. On the contrary, unaided colleges are run and regulated by the administration and tightly have no restrictions and rules.
  4. Aided colleges are under the government; their motive is not profit-making for themselves, whereas unaided colleges provide education, but they are into profit-making too; therefore, their fee is heavy.
  5. Aided colleges, the revenue of the professors or teachers and other professionals is stared after by the government itself, on the other hand, unaided colleges, the revenue set by the college management only.

Comparison Between Aided and Unaided Colleges

Parameter of comparison       Aided colleges     Unaided colleges

It implies the type of college run and gets funds from the government.Meanwhile, the unaided college is privately owned and the funds they get from the private organizations for the external purpose.


 The fee structure is set up by the government itself and is reasonable.
 In an unaided college, the fee is heavy and more than two times the particular amount. 


 It has been provided by the government.

 It has been provided by the management itself, not by the government.


 Under this college type, it has job security for the teachers.

 However, it has no guarantee for getting job security.


  The whole criteria formulated by the government for both admission and recruitment processes.
 This is only run by the management for every point of procedure.