Aciphex vs Nexium – Difference and Comparison

What is Aciphex?

Aciphex is a medicinal drug used to treat Heartburn, Helicobacter pylori, a bacterial infection, and Gastroesophageal Reflux Diseases.

Aciphex is a medication prescribed by doctors for treatment to cure ulcers inside the stomach. Aciphex is taken by mouth and acts as a proton pump inhibitor, which helps reduce stomach acid made by glands lining the stomach lining.

Aciphex is the only brand name for the drug and the generic name of the drug is Rabeprazole. Aciphex come in only two-pill versions that are tablets and capsules and work faster than over-the-counter medications.

Aciphex is FDA approved drug and was approved on 19th August 1999, since then it is highly in demand and recommended by doctors. It gives relief to the patient in a very short time and helps in recovering faster.

Aciphex also comes with side effects. Some of the common side effects are rashes or itching, diarrhea, gas, sore throat, headache, and can cause side effects like hepatitis, swelling, joint pain, muscle pain, etc.

Aciphex is available in tablet and capsule forms, with Dr-Tablets 20 MG and Dr-capsule in the strengths of 5 mg and 10 mg, respectively. Doctors prescribe medicines to patients according to the requirements and as per the health condition of the patient.

What is Nexium?

Nexium is a widely acceptable medicinal drug used for treating heartburn and stomach ache and stomach ulcers. Nexium is a more popular drug than stomach ulcers for immediate reliefs.

Nexium is FDA certified drug and is recommended in the treatment of Esophageal as well as other stomach problems like acid reflux, ulcers, etc. The generic name of the brand Nexium is Esomeprazole. This is considered one of the best medications for stomach aches and other stomach issues.

Nexium comes in several forms like pills, injections, and packets. Doctors prescribe this drug according to the need of dose and as per the health condition of patients. There are two strengths available for Nexium I.e 20 mg and 40 mg. It is taken by mouth or through injection into veins.

One of the cons of Nexium drug is it is considered slow in terms of effectiveness, and a bit late as compared to Aciphex. Nexium has mild side effects like headache, vomiting, stomach ache, etc.

Difference Between Aciphex and Nexium

  1. Aciphex is available only in the form of pills, whereas Nexium is available in three form pills, injectables, and packets.
  2. Aciphex is considered very efficacious and faster than other drugs when Nexium is a bit slow for effectiveness.
  3. Aciphex is FDA-endorsed, FDA-endorsed this drug on 19th August 1999. While Nexium, on the other hand, was approved late on November 23, 2015.
  4. Aciphex comes with major side effects such as Isomania, hepatitis. Whereas Nexium can have mild side effects like headache, vomiting, etc.
  5. Aciphex is Rabeprazole’s generic name, whereas Nexium’s brand name is Esomeprazole.

Comparison Between Aciphex and Nexium

Parameters of ComparisonAciphexNexium
Generic NameRabeprazole is the generic name of the drug Aciphex.Esomeprazole is the generic name of the drug Nexium.
FDA ApprovalAciphex is FDA approved drug FDI approved the drug on 19th August 1999.Nexium is also FDA approved drug it was later approved on 23rd November 2015.
Dosage TypeAciphex comes in pill form.Nexium comes in three different forms that are pills, injections, and packets.
EffectivenessAciphex is considered very efficacious and works faster than other over-the-counter medications.Nexium is a less efficacious drug and works a little later than Aciphex.
Side EffectsAciphex can generate side effects like swelling, joint pain, and even severe side effects like hepatitis, muscle pain, Insomnia, etc.Nexium can lead to diarrhea, vomiting, headache stomach aches, etc.