Profession vs Career – Difference and Comparison

What is Profession?

The word ‘profession’ is derived from the Latin word ‘professio’ which means ‘to declare openly’. A profession is an occupation that requires certain specialized skills and knowledge. It is a calling that requires one to have a certain qualification and to follow a code of ethics.

Professions are of two types – regulated and unregulated. Regulated professions are those which are governed by professional bodies. Unregulated professions are those which are not governed by any professional body.

However, being in a profession also has its own share of challenges. It requires one to put in long hours of work. It is demanding and stressful. It requires one to maintain a high level of competence and can be quite hectic

There are many advantages of being in a profession. Firstly, it gives one a sense of satisfaction and achievement. Secondly, it is a stable source of income. Thirdly, it offers opportunities for career advancement. Fourthly, it gives one a sense of social status and prestige. Finally, it enables one to serve society in a noble way.

What is Career?

A person’s journey through education, employment, and other facets of life is their career. There are many different ways to define a career and the term can mean different things to different people. For some people, a career is simply a job or profession that they do for a living. For others, a career is a much broader concept that includes all of the different activities that make up a person’s life.

A career can be thought of as a journey with many different paths. Some people’s careers follow a linear path, where they progress from one job to the next in a logical sequence. Others’ careers are more like a winding road, with many different twists and turns. There is no single right or wrong way to have a career.

There are many different factors to consider when choosing a career. Some people choose a career based on their interests and skills. Others choose a career based on their values and what they want to contribute to the world. Still, others choose a career based on practical considerations, such as job security and income. A career is an important part of your life.

Difference Between Profession and Career

  1. Career is a general term used to describe the progression of a series of related jobs that a person holds over the course of their life. A profession is a more specific term that is used to describe a particular job or set of related jobs that require advanced education or training.
  2. A career may span multiple industries, while a profession is specific to one industry.
  3. A career may involve multiple job changes, while a profession entails staying with one employer.
  4. Career growth is based on promotions and salary increases, while professional growth is based on acquiring new skills and knowledge.
  5. A career may be chosen for its earning potential, while a profession is chosen for its intrinsic rewards.

Comparison Between Profession and Career

Parameters of ComparisonProfessionCareer
Mode of establishmentMembership of a professional body and certificate of the practiceAppointment letter and service agreement
Nature of workRendering of personalized, expert servicesPerforming work as per the service contract or rules of services
QualificationExpertise and training in a specific field are a mustQualification and training as per your choice
ReturnsProfessional feesSalary, wages, or profit
RiskThe fee is regular and certain; the minimum riskDepends on the career you choose


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