Line vs Line Segment – Difference and Comparison

What is Line?

A geometrical figure having only one dimension Is called a line. A line runs between two infinite points or non-terminating points. A line has no end or starting point, it runs without having a need to end or to start, yet it remains on a plane.

The line is the basic structure of any two-dimensional shape. Lines can be seen anywhere, they may be horizontal, vertical, diagonal or parallel. Two lines can be parallel or they can be perpendicular to each other depending on the direction they are going.

Lines can be intersected at any given point; provided that they intersect at a single common point. a line can be thick or thin.

In other words, the line is the shortest distance between two given points on a one-dimensional plane. It has the most direct and straightest possible distance, any distance which is bendy or curvy is not a line.

A line is demonstrated by an arrow at both ends meaning that it is continuous in both directions. There is no limit to the extent of a line which is one remarkable feature of a line.

What is Line Segment?

A line Segment is a segment or a fragment within a line. Any particular length consisting of a start and an endpoint is termed as a line segment.

A line segment is marked by two points, one the starting, and the second the ending point. A line within a particular limit is characterized as a line segment.

The line segment is one-dimensional, meaning it has a length but no width or height. However, a line segment can be thick or thin.

A line segment can be characterized as a set of finite points with a finite length. The finite length is marked by two dots on either side.

One notable characteristic of a line segment is that it is not completely a line, but just a portion of the line having two endpoints.

A line segment can be measured between its starting and ending nodes or points. We can measure the length of a line segment with a ruler or a measuring tape. A length bound within two ends is a line segment.

Difference Between Line and Line Segment

The only prominent feature that differentiates a line from a line segment is the finite and infinite endpoints.

A line is a collection of uncountable points extending in both directions. Both directions seemingly never come to an end. They last forever.

While a line segment is a part of or a fraction of that line between any two given points. It has a definite start and a particular end.

Having no ends makes it impossible for a line to get measured. While a line segment can be measured.

A line is bound to be long and boundless while a line segment is short and must have a start and end point.

Comparison Between Line and Line Segment

Parameters of ComparisonLineLine Segment
End pointsNo initiating and ending point eitherHas a particular starting and a marked ending point
DirectionIt extends in both direction the sorting and the ending pointsDoes not extend, stays in its bound limits
MeasurableCannot be measured, whatsoever, as it is continuous and non-terminatingCan be measured as it is a marked distance between tow ends
Drawn on PaperCannot be drawn on a paper, owing to its extension on both sidesCan be easily drawn on paper between two given points
SymbolLine is shown by an arrow on both sidesJust a simple line between two fixed points