Hotel vs Motel – Difference and Comparison

What is Hotel?

A hotel offers lodging, dining, and other services to guests. These hotels are categorized as either full-service or limited-service.

A hotel is a paid service that offers you a place to stay when on vacation or on business. Hotels vary in size and amenities, but most will provide you with a bed and a space to store your possessions.

A hotel is a place where you can stay overnight or for a limited time. Some hotels may also include a restaurant, swimming pool, or spa. Many hotels are also set up so that larger groups can reserve multiple rooms.

Hotel rooms are decorated to give the appearance of comfort and style. But  the level of comfort and style may vary greatly from one hotel to another. Some hotel rooms may also include kitchen facilities.

What is Motel?

A motel has direct access to individual rooms from the parking lot. 

Motels are used by travelers on road trips.  They may be located near highways or attractions. 

A motel is a hotel designed for motorists. They offer them a place to stay for the night during their travels. Motels have ample parking and easy access to major highways.

They have a one or two-floor layout, with rooms accessed from an exterior corridor. Motel guests can expect basic hotel services, such as housekeeping and front desk service.

Some motels have indoor swimming pools, restaurants, or other amenities.  They depend on the location and amenities, and motels can vary in price.

Difference Between Hotel and Motel

Hotels and motels are two different types of lodging and accommodation. A hotel is a type of lodging that offers luxury and comfort, whereas a motel is a type of accommodation that is less expensive but still offers all of the amenities needed for a comfortable stay.

There are differences between hotels and motels, like room size, amenities provided, and price.

Comparison Between Hotel and Motel

Parameter of ComparisonHotelMotel
DefinitionA hotel is a commercial building that charges for lodging, dining, and other guest services.A motel is a hotel that is specifically constructed for motorists.
LocationHotels are found in tourist locations.  It includes a parking area for motor vehicles.  
SizeHotels are built in large buildings with hundreds of rooms spread across numerous stories.A motel is a small hotel with one or two stories and doors leading to a parking lot or central courtyard.
Common areasA hotel’s common areas can include the reception or lobby area, which houses the concierge, bellman, and other hotel personnel.Rooms are directly accessible from the parking lot without passing through a lobby.
Property amenitiesA hotel’s common areas can include the reception or lobby area, which houses the concierge, bellman, and other hotel personnel.Motels provide property amenities such as free breakfast products and laundry facilities. Also, hotels are less expensive than other types of lodging.
Room amenitiesThese amenities offer a small refrigerator, a clean and safe toilet, and a hair dryer.These amenities offer small toilets, towels, and bedding.
CostA hotel room can range in price from $50 to more than $1,000 per night.Motel rates are less than $100 per night.