ExpressVPN vs PureVPN – Difference and Comparison

What is ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN is one of the most popularly used VPN services around the world. People have been using ExpressVPN to ensure privacy while surfing the internet. Due to its overwhelming reliability and extensive features, it has been the choice of millions. ExpressVPN allows one to hide his identity and surf safely on the web without having anything go wrong in it.

ExpressVPN offers an array of incredible features. First and foremost, it delivers a high-speed internet experience while being consistent. The developers have made it in such a way that, unlike other VPN services, it continues to offer constant speed. They keep on rolling out its updates and features to maximize the usability of ExpressVPN.

In terms of security, there is no match for ExpressVPN. Your privacy is their initial concern, and your security is their very responsibility. The vendor of ExpressVPN cares much about its customer base and therefore keeps patching all security loopholes over time. Its penetration into blocked content is impressive, giving access to everything you need. Most importantly, it is workable in China as well.

What is PureVPN?

PureVPN is also one of the top-notch global VPN providers. PureVPN is widely used by students, entrepreneurs, data scientists, and tech experts to unlock blocked content on the web. It not only provides unmatched functionality but also ensures the safety of its users on the internet. The anonymity and privacy of a user are guaranteed to the possible extent by the vendor as a mark of their service.

The most believed benefit of PureVPN is its affordability. Since the package comes at the price of $3.24 monthly, it is accessible to millions. On a nominal fee, they are providing outstanding features that are unlikely to be found in other services. Another specialty of PureVPN is its multiplicity of servers – all rapid and effective in working.

In any VPN service, speed is a determining factor of its quality. PureVPN is specialized in providing speedier internet connectivity – enough to watch HD and UHD videos online – to its customers. They use specially designed technical elements to deliver the maximum speed on their servers.

Difference Between ExpressVPN and PureVPN

  1. ExpressVPN offers five simultaneous users, whereas PureVPN gives its facility ten users simultaneously.
  2. The split tunneling feature is available on a desktop in ExpressVPN, whereas in PureVPN, it is available on Android.
  3. In ExpressVPN, you can save 49% on the annual plan, whereas in PureVPN, the discount is 70% on the yearly plan.
  4. ExpressVPN has more than 3000 servers, whereas PureVPN has more than 6500 servers around the globe.
  5. ExpressVPN has 94 server countries, whereas PureVPN has 78 server countries.
  6. ExpressVPN does not offer a dedicated IP address, whereas PureVPN offers it in eight countries currently.
  7. The customer service of ExpressVPN is a bit slower, whereas PureVPN has quicker customer support.
  8. ExpressVPN does not offer DDoS protection, whereas PureVPN allows for it at additional charges.
  9. ExpressVPN does not have a NAT firewall, whereas PureVPN offers it.

Comparison Between ExpressVPN and PureVPN

Parameters of ComparisonExpressVPNPureVPN
Cost$6.67 per month$3.24 per month
Customer SupportRelatively SlowerRelatively Quicker
Users Limit5 Users Simultaneously10 Users Simultaneously
Firewall ProtectionNoYes