Difference Between Brand Identity and Brand Image

What is Brand Identity?

Brand identity is what the brand owner wants the people to perceive of the brand. This is controlled by branding, marketing strategy, and various brand design development. [1]

Brand identity depends on how the brand represents itself. The visible elements of a brand are the elements that set up a brand identity. These elements include but are not limited to name, color, logo, symbol, design, motto, etc.

Brand identity is important to attract the target customer. It leads customers to have a brand preference. Different brands and companies try to create unique and distinguishable identities.

Brand identity answers the question, “What this brand is?”. A brand with a clear and strong identity can reach its target customer and client effectively. A brand that targets rich customers will use keywords like ‘Premium’ or ‘Luxurious’. A brand focusing on mass people will use keywords like ‘Affordable’ or ‘Simple’.

As brand identity points to a brand’s self-image, it is futuristic. It tries to make people feel a certain way whenever they hear the name or see the logo.

What is Brand Image?

Brand image refers to a consumer’s perception and feeling about a brand. It has a strong influence on consumer behavior. This factor is hard to control because this is how the customer and general public view a brand. [2]

Brand image is the public opinion of a brand. It doesn’t necessarily need someone to buy products to have an opinion on a brand. As this is the emotional or sentimental value of a person, it depends on a person’s experience regarding the company or brand.

A good brand image creates brand loyalty and ensures returning customers. A negative, even vague image can cause heavy losses for a company as it will make customers feel insecure about a Brand and its products.

It takes a long time to create a brand image. As customer experience builds up, the brand image gets stronger. Also, through promotion, marketing, and even sometimes through social work, a brand tries to create and maintain a positive image.

Difference Between Brand Identity and Brand Image

Brand identity is how the brand tries to represent itself and brand image is how people see it. Brand identity can affect and manipulate the brand image.

Brand identity is created by the brand itself. Its choice of name, trademark color, logo, motto, theme, etc visual and real elements creates a unique identity. Brand image isn’t created by someone, but built automatically. It is simply how the customers see the brand.

If a company or a brand is connected with some scandals, it hurts its brand image, but not its brand identity. On the other hand, if a company treats its customer with care, it’s a part of its brand identity and can create a positive brand image.

Another difference between these two is that brand identity looks forward to what a company wants to be. Meanwhile, the brand image looks back on what the company has been.

Brand identity portrays its goal, mission, and promises to customers. Brand image summarizes customers’ trust, emotions, and experience regarding a brand. [2]

Comparison Table Between Brand Identity and Brand Image

Parameters of ComparisonBrand IdentityBrand Image
DescriptionBrand identity is how the brand portrays itself.Brand image is the impression people have of the brand.
Key elementsVisual elements. Name, logo, color, symbol, design, etc.Emotional element. People’s attitude toward the brand.
Controlled byBrand itself.General people.
IndicatesBrands face.Customer perception.


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