AWeber vs Constant Contact – Difference and Comparison

What is AWeber?

AWeber is a type of email marketing platform. It helps to maintain the schedule. It transforms the blog into a newsletter, it automatically transfers the content perfectly packaged newsletter.  It offers DKIM authentication which comes with easy guides that helps to sort out things in just a couple of minutes. It instantly blocks any spam emails.

AWeber, this platform offers the most extensive reporting tools in the global market. It just does not make a report but it also helps the person to take action.

AWeber provides the consumer a free plan and a cheaper rate comparison to others. The most attractive part of this platform is that it provides 24/7 support with the consumer through chat or call. It has verities of over 700 templates which makes the mail very attractive. This platform has about 800 integration.

What is Constant Contact?

Constant Contact is a type of email marketing platform. It has hundreds of templates. It is user-friendly which makes the user comfortable to use. It offers an auto responder. Constant Contact takes a bit of time to update.

Constant Contact was designed for easy use which helps the new marketers to make things done fast. It offers DKIM authentication with easy guides that help to sort out things easily.

We can contact customer care from Monday to Friday. This platform is mainly associated with small business to medium businesses.

Constant Contact doesn’t have a free plan but it offers a free trial for 60 days, allowing the user to send unlimited email to a limit of hundred contacts. It offers two paid plans that are 1417 RS per month and another one for Constant Contact email plus a price of Rs.3321 per month.

Difference Between AWeber and Constant Contact

  1. AWeber has more templates than constant as AWeber has 700+ templates and constant contact has 240+ templates.
  2. The price of AWeber is cheaper than constant contact.
  3. In terms of comfortable to use Constant Contact is easy to use in comparison to AWeber.
  4. AWeber charges (1%) less than Constant Contact (1.5%).
  5. AWeber has a free version with limited options but Constant Contact doesn’t have a free version.
  6. AWeber doesn’t allow a free trial but Constant Contact allows the consumer to get a free trial for about 60 days.
  7. AWeber takes much time for the consumer to understand it properly but Constant Contact does take much time to understand as it is user-friendly.
  8. AWeber allows the consumer to Contact Customer service 24/7 through chat or call via the net but constant Contact has it specific time which is Monday to Friday.
  9. AWeber has efficient and attractive features compared to Constant Contact.

Comparison Between AWeber and Constant Contact

Parameters of comparison                AWeberConstant Contact
EditingThis platform allows the user to do more creativity with ‘seven hundred’ templates.This platform has hundreds of templates.
AssociatesAWeber mostly associates with bloggers, freelancers, or small businesses.Constant contact is mainly associated with small business to medium business
User-friendly    Limited option to import data it takes time for the user to get used to it.It doesn’t take many times for the user to get used to it.
Transaction fee                It takes charges about 1.0%It takes charges about 1.5%.
Contact service24/7 live support through email, phone, or via chatWe can contact them only on Monday to Friday.