ATX vs Micro ATX – Difference and Comparison

What is ATX?

ATX is a motherboard introduced by Intel in 1995 and has a power layout in mind. It was developed to improve on previous models like AT with better features and aesthetic design, improve standardization, and changes in some of its parts.

ATX is one of the common motherboard designs. Dimensions 305mm x 244mm, keeps the basic protruding layout But it reduces the size of the motherboard and the number of expansion slots.

The latest revision of ATX is version 2.2, ATX 12v Power Supply Unit Specification 2.53e was released in June 2020. EATX is considered a larger version of ATX motherboards, measuring 305x 330 mm.

The new format for ATX motherboards increases the number of drive bays, and ATX motherboards have five expansion slots for functions like sound, networking, and even graphics.

ATX motherboards have better aesthetics and are considered better voltage regulator modules for overclocking. It is considered one of the best motherboards in terms of high performance and requirements.

What is Micro ATX?

Micro ATX is also known as mATX or uATX standard in motherboards when was introduced in December 1997.

In Micro ATX, there are only three expansion slots and they can expand to a maximum of 4 slots. To manage this problem of insubstantial slots, many circumferential changes were made.

Contrasted and Compared to Micro ATX and mini ATX, Micro ATX motherboards have up to 4 expansion slots and 4 DIMM slots, while miniATX motherboards have only one expansion slot and 2 DIMM slots. Micro ATX motherboards can be installed in an ATX frame, but not otherwise.

The Micro ATX motherboard is square and measures 61mm x 244mm. Has less number of bays as compared to ATX. Choose it if you want a gaming PC, it has enough Ram slots and other free slots to access any other Pcie expansion card. Micro ATX also supports a dual GPU setup reducing the need for full ATX motherboards.

Difference Between ATX and Micro ATX

  1. ATX motherboard is considerably larger with Size 305mm x 244mm, while the Micro ATX motherboard is square and measures 61mm x 244mm.
  2. ATX motherboards have an increased number of drives whereas Micro ATX has a limited number of drives.
  3. ATX motherboards are rectangular and Micro ATX motherboards are square.
  4. ATX motherboard has five expansion slots whereas Micro ATX has 3 to a maximum of 4 expansion slots.
  5. ATX has a better ecstatic and uses a better voltage regulator module for overclocking. On the contrary, Micro ATX can be a great choice for gaming PC.

Comparison Between ATX and Micro ATX

Parameters of ComparisonATXMicro ATX
Size and DimensionsATX motherboard size 305mm by 244mm.The Micro ATX measures 61mm x 244mm.
Expansion SlotsATX Motherboard is having expansion Slots.The Micro ATX board is having 3 to a maximum of 4 slots.
ShapeATX board comes in a Rectangular shape.The Micro ATX motherboard comes in a square shape.
Drive BaysA new format of ATX has increased the number of Bays.Micro ATX has less number of Bays as compared to ATX.
UseATX motherboards offer better esthetic and are considered for better voltage regulator modules for overclocking.Micro ATX motherboard is considered the best choice for gaming pc.