ALS vs MS – Difference and Comparison

What is ALS?

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is a type of rare neurological disease that affects the neurons which are responsible for controlling the muscle we chose to move, as known as voluntary muscle. Voluntary muscles produce moments like walking talking and chewing. The symptoms get worse over some time since the disease is progressive. There is no effective treatment for this disease as well as a cure for it.

Early symptoms include are:

  1. Weakness in your legs.
  2. Tripping and fallings.
  3. Difficulty in walking.
  4. Cognitive
  5. Behavior changes
  6. Muscles cramps.

As this disease is progressive, muscle weakness starts to spread to other parts of the body. The person might face problems while walking, speaking, and swallowing.

The main cause for ALS is not known, even the scientist don’t know yet but due to some previous records it can be said that it is caused by- Environmental factors like virus, diet, physical trauma and genetics

It can treat through proper medication, occupational and physical therapy, breathing support.The patient who is in the late stages of this illness is paralyzed.

What is MS?

MS (multiple sclerosis) is a long-term and potentially disabling disease of the spinal cord and brain. In this, the immune system attacks the protective sheath (myelin sheath) which covers the nerve fibers which leads to a communication problem between the brain and the other parts of the body. Sometimes it causes permanent damage to the body.

Symptoms of MS may vary but it also depends upon the amount of damage that has been done to nerves.

Some of the symptoms –

  1.  Numbness or weakness in the patients arms or legs.
  2. Vision problem
  3. Dizziness
  4. Slurred speech

People with serious MS (multiple sclerosis) might lose their walking ability. There is no cure for it.  But treatment can help in fast recovery from attacks.The cause of MS is unknown. The body’s immune system attacks its tissue. It is not fully clear why MS develops in some people but not in others

The individual in the late stages of this disease may have movement issues although they are unlikely to become disabled.

Difference Between ALS and MS.

  1. ALS is common in males, whereas MS is common in female
  2. In ALS, it targets the nervous system and brain whereas in MS it targets the spinal cord and brain.
  3. In ALS patient suffers more physical difficulties and issues whereas in MS the patient has severe mental issues and challenges compared to ALS.
  4. Patients who are in the late-stage of ALS illness get paralyzed where a patient is in the late stages of MS might have movement issues.
  5. ALS is not proven to be an autoimmune disease whereas MS is an immune-mediated disease.
  6. ALS affects the motor function but not sensory function whereas MS causes sensory disturbance.
  7. ALS is diagnosed in people between ages 40-70 whereas MS is diagnosed in people of age 20-50.

Comparison Between ALS and MS

Parameters of comparisonALSMS
Full formAmyotrophic Lateral sclerosisMultiple sclerosis
Causes the exact cause of ALS is unknown, but environmental, lifestyle factors, and genetics.The exact cause of MS is unknown but some factors lead to it some are – immune system function, genes, exposure to certain bacteria or viruses.
Symptoms         Weakness in your legs.
Tripping and falling.
Difficulty in walking.
Cognitive and behavioral changes.
Fatigue, muscle weakness, numbness in legs or arms, loss of balance or coordination, and changes in gait.
ComplicationBreathing problems.
Speaking problems.
Eating problems.
Sexual difficulties, memory problems, and difficulty in walking.
PreventionALS may be prevented by eating colorful vegetables and fruit.Eating a healthy diet.
Not smoking and limiting alcohol intake.
Managing stress.