Almond Nails vs Ballerina Nails – Difference and Comparison

What are Almond Nails?

Almond Nails are delicate and rounder tip-shaped nails that resemble almonds in their shape. These nails are more sensible and less stylistic in their looks. This means that almond nails are not a popular choice but preferred in general. These nails are also medium in their length.

Almond Nails are also oval-shaped in design, making them rounder in appearance. These nails are thin at the edges and thick at the bottom, giving them a broader look. Due to their size, they give an illusion of shorter fingers and mature fashion choices.

This type of nail pattern is weaker and can be broken easily. However, applying a strong gel can improve their durability and make them long-lasting. Therefore, applying a gel after getting an Almond pattern is a must for someone. These nails are smoother in their finish but harder to take care of.

The reason why their appearance looks so distinctive is because of their outward style. The nails are done smoothly and have a fantastic size ratio. If someone wants to get their nails done but doesn’t want anything in excess then these nails are the perfect fit for them. They go with almost all types of fashion choices.

What are Ballerina Nails?

Ballerina Nails get their name from the dance form ballet. However, it is essential to note that they do not have many similarities. The only reason for such naming would be their emphasis on preciseness and elegancy. These types of nails are much attractive in their look.

These types of nails are longer and elongated in their size. Furthermore, they are shaped in the form of a coffin. Ballerina Nails are a popular choice and not a general choice among fashion enthusiasts. This is why Ballerina Nails are preferred by celebrities and fashion moguls all around the world.

Ballerina Nails are also dramatic in their look. Which means they are made for non-conventional fashion choices and appearance. These nails lose their design and shape after a while because of the weaker part of the nail. However, a gel can improve this factor and provide the needed strength.

Ballerina Nails also resemble the pointy shoe of a ballet dancer. These nails have sharp edges and straight tips. Therefore making them less round and more square in the overall structure. These nails are also stronger than Almond Nails and much more long-lasting.

Difference Between Almond Nails and Ballerina Nails

  1. Almond Nails are medium in size whereas Ballerina Nails are longer in their size.
  2. Almond Nails have a round-shaped tip or end whereas Ballerina Nails have a square-shaped tip or end.
  3. Almond Nails resemble the shape of an Almond while Ballerina Nails resemble the shape of a pointed Ballet shoe or coffin.
  4. Almond Nails have a distinctly smooth and soft edge whereas Ballerina Nails have a straight and strong edge.
  5. Almond nails are an effective and sensible fashion choice whereas Ballerina Nails are an attractive and popular fashion choice.

Comparison Between Almond Nails and Ballerina Nails

Parameters of ComparisonAlmond NailsBallerina Nails
SizeAlmond Nails are shorter or medium in sizeBallerina Nails are longer in size than most nails
LookAlmond Nails are less attractive in their looksBallerina Nails are elegant and attractive in their looks
DesignAlmond Nails look like an Almond in their designBallerina Nails are square-shaped in their design
FunctionalityAlmond nails are more functionalBallerina Nails are less functional 
TipAlmond Nails have a round tipBallerina Nails do not have a round tip