Alien vs Immigrant – Difference and Comparison

What is an Alien?

Suppose an Indian person comes to South Korea for traveling education purposes just a short period, not for permanent. That means he or she is an Alien since that person does not pertain to the host nation. 

Aliens are non-citizens and have no rights over that country’s policy and laws; however, they can be endorsed to commemorate non-citizen rules, regulations, and ordinances. There are 2 types of aliens, one is legal, and the other is illegal. The legal ones need to be verified visas since it is a binding document they should have for consideration of proof. 

Suppose a person residing in any other country without this documentation of proof or indication can be assessed as an illegal alien. Aliens mainly move to another country to study, travel, or maybe a layoff. One more thing to be noted here is that aliens have the right to work. 

A person can’t give vote in the host country and does not have the right to join the military force. Since Aliens are also human beings, especially those who are lawfully living there, they have ownership in another country, such as providing a safe and robust working environment, freely moving, health care and social security, etc. 

Since birth in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, and Qatar, several non-citizens have lived in these countries. But, Arab states do not readily accord citizenship to non-citizens.

What is an Immigrant?

A person who comes to a nation to take up permanent residence refers an immigrant. Mainly, immigrants leave their country for a better job, education, or marriage. Immigrants are entrepreneurs who start businesses at a higher rate than native-born citizens. Immigrants are taking our jobs; they are creating new jobs. 

The immigrants plan to become permanent residents and citizens of the new country. Immigrants have to adopt strict laws and rules that contain immigration. To have permanent residence and citizenship in a new country, they required substantial employment and residential dignity to be obtainable. In this, a person is defeated to the new country’s laws. 

They must follow all the rules and laws according to the county they reside in permanently or for extended periods. However, it also relies upon the employment and business alternatives they get in the new country. Immigrants can either be an alien or not be. 

If a person chooses to have citizenship in another country, they are no longer an alien. Immigrants are also required to have essential documents for having permanent citizenship. We can only reside as immigrants in another country if we have work or a place to live.

Difference Between Aliens and Immigrants

  1. If a person temporarily resents in a new or foreign country, he is called an Alien. In contrast, a person living permanently as a citizen of any new country is referred to as an immigrant.
  2. Aliens have to accept the laws and rules of the host country for nonresidents; on the other hand, immigrants must follow all the laws, policies, and regulations according to the new government he or she is living in permanently.
  3. An Alien is not a citizen of any new country. However, immigrants can be both either they are citizens or not.
  4. Aliens only move to a new country for traveling, vacations, and study; nevertheless, immigrants move for permanent employment.
  5. Aliens cannot have provided a green card visa after arrival in the United States, whereas immigrants can have a green card since a green card only issues to those who already have an immigrant visa.

Comparison Between Alien and Immigrant.

Parameters of comparison         Alien       Immigrant
Definition It refers to people moving to a new country temporarily.On the other hand, as immigrants, people permanently move to a new country to get citizenship.
Citizenship No, they don’t have and can’t be considered citizens until they are not applying for citizenship.  Yes, they can be considered a citizen since they are permanent residents.
Laws.They are subjected to the laws based on no citizen.Immigrants are subjected to the laws based on being permanent citizen.

Aliens mainly move to new countries for study, traveling, or short business trips.They move to another country for permanent employment and business basis.
   Period of living.They don’t stay permanent. They move with the goal of protracted residence.