AICC vs SCORM – Difference and Comparison

What is AICC?

AICC is indeed an abbreviation for the Aviation Industry CBT Committee. AICC standards were intended to be general-purpose rather than aviation centric. Consequently, learning technology suppliers may be able to spread their expenses over many markets, enabling them to produce goods demanded by the aviation sector at a lower cost. AICC standards have broad acceptability and relevance among non-aviation and aviation users equally.

The AICC was created in 1988 by aerospace businesses to solve airline challenges related to non-standard computing obstacles that arose due to the influx of sophisticated multimedia training material at that time. This AICC specification was created for CD-ROM/LAN operation and was modified in January 1998 to include a web-based interface known as HACP.

The AICC also has 9 guidelines and recommendations that control the learning requirements. In this case, any AICC-compliant E-Learning course must follow at least one of the nine standards. The AICC learning framework was established as the globe’s premier e-learning network for learning management systems (LMS). Its purpose was to promote e-learning while lowering the cost of online learning.

What is SCORM?

SCORM is an abbreviation for “Sharable Content Object Reference Model.” It was created to meet the interoperability, reusability, and durability concerns faced by the US Department of Defense (DoD). The work has been completed as part of the ADL (Advanced Distributed Learning) initiative. In addition, SCORM provides several interrelated technical standards and recommendations for constructing compatible, plug-and-play, and browser-based E-Learning courses.

It’s as easy as uploading a Zip file to get started with SCORM courses. SCORM-compliant classes are designed to communicate with an LMS via API adapter mechanisms. In contrast, AICC-compliant modules communicate with an LMS by sending HTTP messages and assessing the LMS responses. The “Run-Time Infrastructure” and the “Content Aggregation Framework” are both parts of the SCORM web-based training approach.

In 2003, SCORM commenced functioning. In the case of SCORM, straightforward actions can be performed to apply it. SCORM shall allow you to control your learners’ pace. For example, you may always present your learners with appropriate training for their learning path. As an outcome, selecting an LMS platform for any SCORM-compliant courses would be uncomplicated.

Main Differences Between AICC and SCORM

  1. AICC is an aviation sector computer-based training organization that offers an online educational course. SCORM, on the other hand, is a learning management system utilized for browser-based learning.
  2. AICC is an abbreviation for the Aviation Industry CBT [Computer-Based Training] Committee, while SCORM is an abbreviation for the Shareable Content Object Reference Model.
  3.  The AICC was founded in 1998, while SCORM was created in 2003.
  4. The AICC uploading mechanism is a little difficult, however, SCORM-based learning provides a simple uploading methodology.
  5. AICC communicates using HTTP messages, whereas SCORM communicates via JavaScript.
  6.  AICC course material cannot be readily divided into consumable modules. However, SCROM course material can be easily divided into digestible modules which can be shuffled individually.
  7. AICC is complicated for creators who do not have programming experience, but SCROM Compliant material is simple to create and does not demand programming abilities.
  8. When it comes to SCORM, the material and the LMS should be on the same server, but AICC allows them to be on distinct servers.

Comparison Between AICC and SCORM

Parameters of ComparisonAICCSCORM
Full-FormThe full-form of AICC is Aviation Industry Computer-Based Training CommitteeThe full-form of SCORM is Sharable Content Object Reference Model
Established InAICC was established in 1998.SCORM was created in 2003.
Uploading ProcessThe uploading process of AICC is complicatedSCORM offers a simple uploading procedure.
Communication LanguageHTTP messages are used to communicate.JavaScript is used to communicate.
 ServerThe content and the LMS could be hosted on separate servers.The course material and the LMS ought to be housed on the same server.