4L60E vs 4L80E – Difference and Comparison

What is 4L60E?

4L60E is a type of transmission that was in production nearly a decade ago. It supports almost all varieties of heavy engines and popular cars. It also sustains a higher torque value than its predecessors like 700R4 with less turbo power.

It is a lighter form of transmission and has a reverse gear option. 4L60E was designed by keeping SUVs, vans, and trucks in mind. It has a unique distinct gear ratio which includes four different gears. Over time, it received many improvements focused on the solenoid pattern.

Applications by some popular car companies

  1. Chevrolet EXT Escalade
  2. GTO Pontiac around 2005-2006

The internal structure of 4L60E comes with multiple pinion plates. Not only does it provide strength to the engine but also allows it to withstand the torque. 4L60E paved way for future transmissions by improving on the technology and build pattern. 

During 1997, electronically mastered variants of shift control became common in two-wheelers as well as four-wheelers. 4L60E was then seen in Corvette, manufactured by Chevrolet. almost all versions were fitted with this transmission type. Senors were used to determine gear shifting with an increase in vehicle speed.

What is 4L80E?

4L80E is one of the top-rated transmissions. It is compatible with different power levels and multiple engine combos. It was manufactured around the sixties and remained in production till 2013. 4L80E transmission comes with four gear shifts and higher resistance to torque.

Initially, there were some issues with the older model. But as advancements were made, it became more and more compatible. It was made cooler attraction-wise and swifter, accommodation-wise.

Applications by some popular car companies

  1. Rolls Royce
  2. Hummer H1

It has an elongated overdrive and longer length than its predecessor. Still, it is heavier than the previous version. Since drivers can reprogramme the transmission according to their liking, it was an instant favorite.

The core reason why individuals prefer 4L80E is its reliability and compression power. Apart from luxury vehicles, the transmission can also be found in motorhomes and buses. The manufacturing company provides multiple customizations to fans and automobile geeks.

Some of the widely known brands to use 4L80E are Bentley, Jaguar, and Aston Martins. Automatic transmissions like 4L80E are inspired by TH400. They resemble its shape, power, and durability. Transmission’s outward appearance is one of the major factors for their luxury appeal and usage.

Transmission Veterans argue whether 4L80E was a class apart from 4L80E’s predecessors. Some are of the belief that earlier versions were only slightly inferior. While many believe it to be the transmission revolution of the sixties.

Difference Between 4L60E and 4L80E

  1. 4L60E Transmission comes with four forward gears and a single reverse gear. 4L80E comes with only four forward gears.
  2. 4L60E is a more advanced range of transmissions. 4L80E is an inferior range of transmission compared to its successors.
  3. 4L60E is used in many Chevrolet cars. 4L80E is used in Rolls Royce and Bentleys.
  4. 4L60E is much lighter in weight than its predecessor. 4L80E is heavier and tougher than its successors.
  5. 4L60E is remembered for its torque power converter and design. 4L80E is remembered for its craftsmanship and visually attractive structure.

Comparison Between 4L60E and 4L80E

Parameters of Comparison4L60E4L80E
Year of productionOriginally manufactured in 1982Originally manufactured in 1963
Gears supportFour forward and one reverseOnly forward gear
Manufacturing companyToledo TransmissionWillow Run Transmission
Weight133 Pounds8000 Pounds
VehiclesChevrolet, CadillacRolls Royce, Bentley


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