2.1 Sound Bar vs 5.1 Sound Bar – Difference and Comparison

What is 2.1 Sound Bar?

To enhance sound quality, sound Bars are one of the best methods.2.1 Sound Bars have 2 speakers at front-left and front-right positions. These speakers amplify the sounds and give a better experience. It feels like the sound is vibrating through the whole body.2.1 speakers also have an additional subwoofer.

It has a speaker with a lower frequency, specifically 20-5000 Hertz. Subwoofers are all about the bass. Subwoofers add special effects to the surround sound. As the number of speakers is less the size is compact. It is uncomplicated to set it up. The lessening the number of speakers also makes the cost less. Hence, it is pocket-friendly.

Earlier used home theatres were a lot more complex and had a lot of wires.2.1 Sound Bar is a sort of stereo but with a subwoofer.
The televisions made these days are becoming less and less compact. Because of this compression, the sound quality suffers

In that respect for audiophiles sound bars are a good option. 2.1 Sound bar enhances the sound quality but still surround sound is amiss, as the numbers of speakers are less.
They’re placed below the television and offer a cool experience.

What is 5.1 Sound Bar?

5.1 Sound Bars have 5 speakers. The position of these speakers makes the sound quality better than that of 2.1 Sound Bars.4 speakers are present at front left, front right, rear left, and rear right positions. While one speaker is present at the front center. The presence of speakers at the rear ends makes the sound more appealing.

The sound which is coming from the background, or to make the effect as if the sound is coming from the viewer’s back, rear side speakers are used. The presence of additional rear speakers makes the sound quality of 5.1 speakers much better.
Apart from this 5.1 speakers also have a subwoofer

Just as in the case of 2.1 speakers these subwoofers generate a sound of lower frequency which generates one of the best sound qualities. As the number of speakers is more, the cost is a bit high, which also makes it a bit complex in setting up.

As the number of speakers is more, the size of these sound bars is more ,i.e. it needs more space. The television nowadays doesn’t come with inbuilt speakers. Hence, extra speakers in some or another way are required.5.1 sound bars are one of the best choices if it’s pocket-friendly for you.

Difference Between 2.1 Sound Bar and 5.1 Sound Bar

  1. 2.1 sound bars have 2 speakers while in contrast 5.1 has 5 speakers.
  2. The two speakers in 2.1 sound bars are present in front-left and front-right positions. The 5 speakers in 5.1soundbar have front-left, front-right, front-center, rear left and rear right positions.
  3. The sound quality in 5.1 sound bars is better than 2.1 sound bars as they have 2 rear sound bars which provide surrounding sounds.
  4. As the number of speakers is more in 5.1 sound bars, they are more costly. Hence,2.1 is more pocket-friendly.
  5. More number of speakers in 5.1 makes the size of these is a bit larger than 2.1 speakers.

Comparison Between 2.1 Sound Bar and 5.1 Sound Bar

Parameters of Comparison2.1 Sound Bar5.1 Sound Bar
Number of speakersIt has 2 speakers.It has 5 speakers
Position of speakersThe 2 speakers are present at left-front and right-front position.The 5 speakers are present at left-front, right-front ,front-center rear-left and rear-right positions.
SubwoofersIt has one subwooferIt has one subwoofer
Sound QualitySound can be distinguished at left and right position.It has better sound quality because of the 2 additional speakers at rear side.
SizeAs the number of speakers is less, the size is compact.The size is more as the number of speakers.
CostThe cost is less and hence it is pocket friendly.The cost is high in comparison to 2.1 Sound Bar
Set-upSet up is easierSet up is a bit complex


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