Array List vs Array in C# – Difference and Comparison

What is an Array List in C#?

In computer science, an array is a data structure comprising a group of elements (Values and Variables), each identifiable by an array index or a key.

Each element of an array that can be calculated from a tuple index using a mathematical formula is placed there. The most basic data structure is a linear array, sometimes known as a one-dimensional array.

An array is an arrangement of the same objects, mostly in rows and columns. An array is a grouping of identically typed data objects. Because an array is a reference type, memory is set aside on the heap.

We can initialise a collection by giving the type and quantity of Array’s elements and the “new” operator. It is the simplest type of data that stores elements in the adjoining memory location.

The zero is the starting point in the Array to access the first element of an array as “numarray.” It is written as numarray.

01. String [ ] array 1 new string [5]

What is an Array in C#?

A strongly-typed collection is not an array list. It can store values of either different or identical data types. An array list’s size fluctuates, allowing it to accept values of any size and data type.

One of the most adaptable data structures in C# The collection is ArrayList. An array list of values can be found in an array list. ArrayList uses an array to implement the IList interface, making it very simple to add, insert, remove, view, and other operations.

Because we may add without specifying the size, it is incredibly flexible and will expand and contract as needed. The array list in C# is implemented from the collection base that is “system. collection”.

The array list is variable, can be resized, and can take any value from the data type. The importance of different or the same data types is collected in an array list or Array C#.

When the values in the collection are of different types, the kind of data cast is a must. There is no set size for array lists. An ArrayList will initially allocate memory for four entries when it is initialised.

Difference Between Array List and Array in C#

The Array stores the same data, while the list stores data as an object. It also stores different kinds of data.

The data in the Array is stored in tabular form, while the Array in C# is used to store data of multiple pieces of different kinds of data.

In an array accessing data is easy by using the index number. In contrast, in the array list, you can easily access the data and insert or delete the information because the array list is resizable. The use of an array list is better than using an array.

Comparison Between Array List and Array in C#

ArrayArray List or Array In C#
An array is strongly typed data.We can store data, items, or elements in an array list.
In an Array, we can store only a single type of data, e.g., string or column.In an array list, we can store all typed data.
We cannot add a null in an array.We can add null in the array list.
An array belongs to the system. Array.The array list belongs to the system. Collection.
Example – Int[ ] intArray=new int[ ]{2}; intArray[0] = 1; intArray[2] = 2;  Example – ArrayList Arraylist = new ArrayList( ); ArrayList.Add(“Sagar”); ArrayList.Add(1); ArrayList.Add(null);  


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