African Bee vs Honey Bee – Difference and Comparison

What is African Bee?

Almost all African bees sting, which is very harmful to humans, but it is not as deadly as the honey bee. A string of African bees is not so dangerous as the honey bee’s sting. But East Africa can react to a human’s body very speedily than a honey bee which is very dangerous to the body of a human. Regarding the economic benefits African honey get, they produce very little honey. They eat pollen and nectar with partial digestion; they can make honey but less than the honey bee.

They consider pollen for getting the nutrition, and all bees of Africa sting to humans that can react harmfully. Crop pollination keeps continuing if the African honey bees pollinate the areas. They do not live in one place for longer like honey bees. So, the people do not want the African bee because it cannot make as much honey as a honey bee.

What is Honey Bee?

The honey bee is a bee from the Avini Tribe, and mainly, it is found in east-south Asia and South Asia. The honey does not sting humans, and their sting is not as harmful as the African bees. A family of honey bees is not stingy, they do not sting people, and here sting is also not effective. Honey bees also feed on pollen and nectar, but their food is their honey in winter. The honey bee is like its name that makes a large amount of honey, so people consider it has honey bee commercially.

When the temperature goes down from 10 degrees Celsius, they do not fly and lie in the beehive. In the honey, a queen is present in the centre. As you know, bees are a great source of preparation, and you can get many benefits from the honey for your health. Honey produces more honey than an African bee so, they are highly recommended for making money financially. Honey bees can live longer at a place in their beehive that an African killer bee cannot. You can get many benefits from the honey for your health, and the economy produces a significant amount by the honey bee.

Difference Between African Bee and Honey Bee

  1. Almost all African bees sting but don’t all honey bees sting
  2. African bees eat from the pollen and nectar while honey bees eat their honey in winter
  3. African bees keep changing their colony, but honey bees do not
  4. Honey bees make much more honey than the African bees
  5. African bees cannot live longer in one place, but honey bees can

Comparison Between African Bee and Honey Bee

ParametersAfrican BeeHoney Bee
ResidentAfrican honey bees are living  in Africa as natives and make their honey and nest, also keeping them protectedThe honey bee is a bee that is in present life in the Apini Tribe, and these bees you can see in East South and South Asia
StingAll the African bees sting human beings, and the sting of these bees is potentAll the honey bees do not sting human beings, and their sting is also practical.
FoodAfrican bees obtain their food from the pollen and nectar and make the honey from them, and the honey provides many  health advantagesLike African bees, honey bees also get their food from pollen and nectar, but in winter, their food is honey.
ColonyAfrican killer bees do not live in the same or one placeThe honey bees live in a specific area, in the tree.
Production of honeyThe African bees are also known as killer bees. They collect and produce less honeyThe honey bees produce more honey than African bees, and the honey is beneficial